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Xiamen Airlines VIP Lounge at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

VIPs are sensitive to air quality

As a major transportation hub of Xiamen, a tourist city, Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport handles more than 27 million passengers annually. The COVID-19 epidemic affected the airport significantly, so Xiamen Airlines VIP Lounge launched an air cleansing campaign using ziaino™ to disinfect and deodorise the space. In these times, passengers in the VIP Lounge are very curious to learn about ziaino™ since staying healthy during their journey is their primary concern. ziaino™ can reduce several kinds of odours while inhibiting bacteria and viruses to protect the health and safety of staff and passengers, which has won their unanimous approval.
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No. of units installed: 1 unit
City / Country: Xiamen, China

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