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Image: Energy Management System for Rooms

VRF Smart Connectivity+ Top

Management System for the Entire Building

Use Case

Energy Management System for Rooms

By installing a ceiling motion sensor, wall motion temperature sensor, window/door sensor,
and CO₂ sensor in the room, ideal, waste-free air conditioning is achieved.

Image: Energy management system network diagram

Sensing & Control Technology

Using sensors from Schneider Electric, high-quality occupancy control and automatic IAQ control were realised.
The sensors detect the presence or absence of occupants, and the opening and closing of doors and windows to achieve the most efficient energy management for exceptional air-conditioned comfort.
Flexible installation is possible to match different applications and building features such as walls, ceilings and proximity to doors and windows.
No wiring means extra installation versatility.
Batteries last for up to five years (10-year battery for CO₂ sensor) and are easy to install and replace.

Image: graphic shows sensor installation in a room

Wireless Sensor and Controller

Door/Window Sensor

Door and window contact detection sensor to monitor opening and closing.

Image: Door/Window Sensor

Wall/Ceiling Motion temp/humidity Sensor SED-MTH-G-5045
The wall and ceiling sensor detects the presence or absence of occupants with motion, as well as temperature and humidity.

Image: Wall/Ceiling Sensor

CO2, temp/humidity sensor

Monitor indoor air quality, review data on interfacing devices, and control fresh air inside customizable zones.

Image: CO₂ Sensor

Water leakage sensor

Two sensing pads under the body activate when water is present between the two pads. Detecting the water, the sensor reports the event to the controller.

Image: Water Leakage Sensor

Hotel Room Controller*

The HRC controls connected guest room devices and aggregates data, making it visible to guest room and property management systems.

Image: Hotel Room Controller

Temperature/humidity Sensor

Monitor indoor humidity and temperature, review data on interfacing devices, and control  air inside customizable zones.

Temperature/humidity Sensor SED-TRH-G-5045

* Available through a Schneider Electric distribution channel.

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VRF Smart Connectivity+ Top

Management System for the Entire Building

Use Case

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