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VRF Smart Connectivity+ Top

Energy Management System for Rooms

Management System for the Entire Building

Case 1: Hotels

Room Key Card or Key Cardless Solutions for Hotels.

The SE8000 and ZigBee Sensor automatic detection function offer optimal air conditioning regardless of whether there is a hotel room key or not.
Sensors detect the presence or absence of occupants and the opening and closing of doors and windows for the optimum air-conditioned environment guests expect. Automatic control ensures the most efficient operation when guests are away or when windows are open. This contributes to an appreciable reduction in operation costs.

Image: A woman on the phone in a hotel room

Smart Management Solutions

1. Remote sensing & IAQ control

In addition to detecting a room’s temperature, humidity and CO₂ concentration, ZigBee remote sensors detect the opening/closing of windows and doors, and the presence/absence of people in a room.
Various IAQ controls and detailed energy savings are possible by using Interface box based on this detected information.

Image: Remote sensing & IAQ control diagram

2. BMS Connectivity

With MPM as the BMS gateway and by setting HRC as the guest room controller, sensing, control and BMS connection can be realized in coordination with SE8000!

Image: BMS Connectivity diagram

3. Key Cardless control

The introduction of Interface box and HRC enables conventional wired keycards to be connected to the system so that it is possible to meet the specific requirements of various hotel and room types.

Image: Key Cardless control diagram

4. Other control

The introduction of Interface box, HRC and MPM enables the on/off control of devices having dry contact input, such as ventilation, lighting and blinds.

Image: Other control diagram

* The Hotel Room Controller (HRC) is available through a Schneider Electric distribution channel.
• Product availability may vary by sales area. Please consult with an authorized Panasonic distributor.

Case 2: Small and Medium Offices

CO2 sensors (option) and Humidity sensors

CO2 sensors (option) take measurements in units of ppm, and humidity sensors enable fine air quality control.
This creates the most comfortable space for occupants while contributing to improved employee satisfaction.

Image: SE8000 controller installed on the wall of the conference room

Case 3: Super Markets

Humidity sensors

Humidity sensors enable automatic dehumidification for the optimum IAQ regardless of climatic conditions.
This creates an even more comfortable environment for customers, employees, and products themselves.

Image: A couple is shopping for refrigerated food at a supermarket

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VRF Smart Connectivity+ Top

Energy Management System for Rooms

Management System for the Entire Building

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