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How it preserves indoor air quality

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How the Complete Air Management System
preserves indoor air quality

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Temperature Control

Maintain the ideal room temperature for a comfortable environment.


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Humidity Control

Maintain the ideal room temperature while removing excess humidity.

Relative humidity

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Inhibit viruses and the growth of mould with nanoe Technology, and replace polluted air by ventilation.

PM 2.5<75μg/m3

Effect of humidity

Benefits of air conditioner humidity control for sleeping environments demonstrated

Humidity control is critical in creating
a comfortable sleeping environment.

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When humidity in the room is close to 80%, perspiration does not evaporate easily, and body temperature cannot be adjusted properly, which makes it difficult to fall asleep and makes you feel uncomfortable when you wake up.

Controlling the humidity at 40–60% is important for a good night’s sleep. Air conditioner humidity control was shown to improve sensations of alertness, motivation, mood, calmness, and appetite upon waking. Humidity control is essential for restful sleep.

Supervised by Dr. Shuichiro Shirakawa

Director, Japan Sleep Assessment & Research Institute, Inc.; Medical Doctor

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Evaluation of the impact of air conditioner humidity control on sleep

When the humidity was controlled while the subjects were sleeping, improvement was seen in the results of the questionnaire, in which 5 sensations upon waking were ranked on a 10-point scale.



A graph of the impact of humidity on alterness, motivation, mood, calmness, and appetite on sleep

Test overview
• Tested device: Room air conditioner equipped with nanoe™ X (CS / CU-X229C)
• Test space: Two approximately 25m2 rooms
• Test subjects: 6 men and 6 women, a total of 12 people aged 30-69
• Testing organization: TTC Co., Ltd.
• Test supervision: Dr. Shuichiro Shirakawa, Japan Sleep Assessment & Research Institute, Inc.
• Evaluation: A combination of quantitative objective evaluation and human-perceived subjective evaluation of night-time sleep quality using a test device, with and without humidity control, and using a double-blind method to eliminate the placebo effect.
• Demonstration: Feeling of refreshment upon waking, fatigue relief and improved work efficiency attributable to improved sleep quality with heating and cooling control and with nanoe™ X control, airflow control, humidity control and CO2 concentration control.