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nanoe™ X Air Purifier F-PXU70A with HEPA Filter & De-Formaldehyde

RM 2,399.00



nanoe™ X Air Purifier with De-Formaldehyde

Able to cover a floor area of 52m², this model offers powerful cleaning for even spacious living rooms. Equipped with nanoe™ X and De-Formaldehyde. Panasonic's advanced air purification technology provides a clean and healthy living environment.
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RM 2,399.00


Air Purification with nanoe™ / nanoe™ X

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) water particle containing many hydroxyl radicals. A nanoe™ device releases these water particles to effectively inhibit viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens.

*The content of this page is specific to residents of Malaysia.

Air Purification with nanoe™ / nanoe™ X

Collects Fine Dust as Well

Keeps spaces clean by removing up to 99.97%*of 0.3μm particles. In addition, it contains 3 innovative technologies.
*Removal performance of filter only. Performance for a whole house would be different.
Collects Fine Dust as Well

De-Formaldehyde Technology

1: With the additive substance, the formaldehyde is removed by means of chemical decomposition. 2: The porous activated carbon efficiently traps the formaldehyde contaminants. 3: The additive strengthens the trapping stability of the activated carbon against the contaminants.
De-Formaldehyde Technology

Air Quality Can Always Be Seen

The PM2.5 and odour indicator lets you to see the air quality easily, and in real-time.
Air Quality Can Always Be Seen



Photo of F-PXU70AWM

Applicable area: 52m² (566ft²)

nanoe™ X

HEPA composite filter

super nano-technology deodorizing filter

Sensors: PM2.5 / Odor sensor

De-formaldehyde function

Applicable Area m²(ft²) 52 (-)
Dimensions (mm) H 560 x W 362 x D 280
Weight (kg) 8.0
Air Purifying Air Volume (m³/min) High 7
Medium 3.1
Low 1.1
Power Consumption (W) High 36
Medium 10.5
Low 6.5
Noise (dB[A]) High 48
Medium 32
Low 18