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Optional Interface Adaptor for Split Air-Conditioners with Centralised Controllers


Connecting RAC/PAC Range to S-Link (Commercial Systems)

Realizing full control of split air-conditioning system by centralised controllers on S-Link.

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Photo of CZ-CAPRA1

Basic operation items ; ON/OFF, mode select, Temperature setting, Fan speed, Flap setting, etc.

External input: ON/OFF control signal, Abnormal stop signal.

External output for Relay * : Operation status [ON/OFF], Alarm status output.

* Because current CN-CNT connector can not provide the power for external output relay, additional input power for external relay is necessary.

Dimensions (mm) (H) 120 x (W) 70 x (D) 32.5
Weight 155 g
Temperature/Humidity range 0 ˚C to 40 ˚C /
20 % to 80 % (no condensation)
*Indoor use only.
Power Source DC12 V (supplied with room air conditioner)




Integrates Any Unit in Big System Control

This is the connecting adaptor for RAC/PAC range to Panasonic communication bus line for commercial systems (S-Link).
Full control is now possible by Panasonic centralised controllers.
1) Centralised controller
Integrates Any Unit in Big System Control