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F-M15GCVBKSH /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-M15G/F-M15GC-SPP/ast-1916949.png

60” 5-Blade DC Motor Ceiling Fan with Mobile App, LED

RM 1,139.00



Innovative Convenience with Mobile App and LED

Innovative convenience Mobile App Control compatible, 60 inch 5-blade, Ceiling fan with DC motor. Can be operated by remote control too. It also has the LED Lighting with switchable modes and brightness.
  • LED
  • DC Motor
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RM 1,139.00


Use with The Air Conditioner to Save Energy

Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Ceiling fans not only circulate air and equalise the temperature in the room, but also send a gentle breeze from the ceiling, which has the effect of lower the perceived temperature. Compared with breeze and without breeze, there is a difference of approximately 3°C in the temperature you feel.
Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

Generally speaking, a temperature setting 1°C higher saves approximately 10% of the energy consumed by the air conditioner. This means that used in combination, the temperature setting of the air conditioner does not have to be lowered very much to provide a comfortable cool feeling, so leads to energy savings.
Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

Can Be Controlled via Mobile

App-enabled* ceiling fan that connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows user to control their WIFAN ceiling fans using mobile devices.
* The app is compatible with Android 6 and above or iOS 12 and above.
* Up to 8 fans per user account. Up to 4 user accounts per fan.
Can Be Controlled via Mobile

LED Lighting

Built-In Energy-Saving LED Lighting

With built-in LED lighting that is 85% more energy-efficient than incandescent bulb, you can choose your favourite colour temperature to illuminate your room. What’s more, LED lighting has a long lifespan, so you don’t have to replace bulbs after a short period of time and you can reduce waste.
Built-In Energy-Saving LED Lighting

Preset Lighting Scene Setting

Preset with 4 light setting for 4 common daily activities. The preset scene can also be overwritten by adjusting the light setting according to your preferred comfort level and save the setting for easy 1-Touch access.
Preset Lighting Scene Setting

Getting the Most Out of AC

The reverse function rotates the ceiling fan in a clockwise mode and draws cool air upwards. This allows air to circulate throughout the room, ensuring an even temperature and comfort. The reverse function complements with an air conditioner and helps to maximize the effectiveness of the air conditioner.
Getting the Most Out of AC

Wider Air Delivery

Blade shaped like an eagle’s wings for wider and stronger air flow. Wider air delivery without having any additional air moving products, to enjoy comfortable air flow.
Wider Air Delivery

Simple and Contemporary Remote Control


Off/On Button: Press to activate or stop ceiling fan


“+” Speed Button: Increases the fan speed


“-” Speed Button: Decreases the fan speed


Reverse Button: Changes the direction of fan rotation (clockwise, anticlockwise)


Wi-Fi Button: Press to activate or turn off the ceiling fan wireless network


Warm Mode Button: Press to adjust WARM colored LED Light


White Mode Button: Press to adjust WHITE colored LED Light


“+” Light Button: Increases the light brightness gradually


“-” Light Button: Decreases light brightness gradually



  • Color: Black: F-M15GCVBKSHBlack
Photo of F-M15GCVBKSH

Width: Ø1500mm (60”)

Height: 423mm

Air Velocity: 160 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 300 (m³/min)

• Remote Control (10-speed)
• 24 Hours On/Off Timer
• 2-24 Hours Sleep Timer

Colour: Black

Power Consumption (W) Low 4
High 54
Fan Speed (RPM) Low 80
High 245
Reverse Fan Speed (RPM) Low 80
High 255
Air Velocity (m/min) 160
Air Delivery (m³/min) 300
Wi-Fi Frequency Range (GHz) 2.4
Mobile App OS iOS / Android