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F-M15GWVBSQH /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-M15G/F-M15GW-SPP/ast-1917031.png F-M15GWVBSRH /content/dam/pim/my/en/F-/F-M15G/F-M15GW-SPP/ast-1917031.png

60” 5-Blade DC Motor Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

RM 999.00



With LED Lighting for Efficient Space Utilisation

60” 5-blade DC motor ceiling fan. LED lighting built-in the fan provides more space, and lighting patterns can be selected from 4 modes. It combines innovative technology with a contemporary design.
  • LED
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RM 999.00


Use with The Air Conditioner to Save Energy

Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Ceiling fans not only circulate air and equalise the temperature in the room, but also send a gentle breeze from the ceiling, which has the effect of lower the perceived temperature. Compared with breeze and without breeze, there is a difference of approximately 3°C in the temperature you feel.
Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

Generally speaking, a temperature setting 1°C higher saves approximately 10% of the energy consumed by the air conditioner. This means that used in combination, the temperature setting of the air conditioner does not have to be lowered very much to provide a comfortable cool feeling, so leads to energy savings.
Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

LED Lighting

Built-In Energy-Saving LED Lighting

LED lighting built into the ceiling fan is used due to its long lifespan and also simply because it is energy saving. 85% Energy Saving* & with the long lifespan of LED light, there is no need to constantly change your light bulb and reduce garbage waste.
* LED Light compared to incandescent bulb.
Built-In Energy-Saving LED Lighting

Various Uses

High : Brightness: 200 [Lx] , Light colour: White
Medium : Brightness: 150 [Lx] , Light colour: Cool Day Light / Warm
Low : Brightness: 3 [Lx] , Light colour: Warm
Various Uses

Wider Air Delivery

Blade shapes like an eagle’s wings for wider and stronger air flow. Wider air delivery without having any additional air moving products to enjoy comfortable wind.
Wider Air Delivery



  • Color: Short Pipe: F-M15GWVBSQHShort Pipe
Photo of F-M15GWVBSQH


  • Color: Long Pipe: F-M15GWVBSRHLong Pipe
Photo of F-M15GWVBSRH

Width: Ø1500mm (60”)

F-M15GWVBSQH: 327mm
F-M15GWVBSRH: 405mm

Air Velocity: 185 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 187 (m³/min)

• Remote Control (9-speed)
• 1-8 Hour Off Timer
• 2-8 Hour Sleep Timer

Colour: Platinum Silver

Power Consumption (W) Low 25 25
High 63 63
Fan Speed (RPM) Low 80 80
High 235 235
Reverse Fan Speed (RPM) Low n/a n/a
High n/a n/a
Air Velocity (m/min) 210 210
Air Delivery (m³/min) 245 245