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nanoe™ X 60” 5-Blade DC Motor Ceiling Fan with ECONAVI

RM 1,129.00



nanoe™ X Technology for Excellent Cleanliness

Ceiling fan with unique nanoe™ X technology for superior comfort and cleanliness, featuring DC motor and ECONAVI function. Also equipped with versatile timer function and can be easily operated and set with a remote control.
  • nanoe™ X
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RM 1,129.00



  • Color: Short Pipe: F-M15MEVBKQHShort Pipe
Photo of F-M15MEVBKQH


  • Color: Long Pipe: F-M15MEVBKRHLong Pipe
Photo of F-M15MEVBKRH

Width: Ø1500mm (60”)

F-M15MEVBKQH: 314mm
F-M15MEVBKRH: 392mm

Air Velocity: 210 (m/min)

Air Delivery: 245 (m³/min)

• Remote Control (9-speed)
• 1-8 Hour On/Off Timer
• 2-8 Hour Sleep Timer

Colour: Black

Power Consumption (W) Low 4 4
High 43 43
Fan Speed (RPM) Low 80 80
High 235 235
Reverse Fan Speed (RPM) Low n/a n/a
High n/a n/a
Air Velocity (m/min) 210 210
Air Delivery (m³/min) 245 245



Use with The Air Conditioner to Save Energy

Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Ceiling fans not only circulate air and equalise the temperature in the room, but also send a gentle breeze from the ceiling, which has the effect of lower the perceived temperature. Compared with breeze and without breeze, there is a difference of approximately 3°C in the temperature you feel.
Ceiling Fans Lower The Temperature You Feel

Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

Generally speaking, a temperature setting 1°C higher saves approximately 10% of the energy consumed by the air conditioner. This means that used in combination, the temperature setting of the air conditioner does not have to be lowered very much to provide a comfortable cool feeling, so leads to energy savings.
Save Energy with Air Conditioners and Ceiling Fans

nanoe™ X Technology

What is nanoe™ X

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) water particle containing many hydroxyl radicals. A nanoe™ X device releases these water particles to effectively inhibit viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens.

*The content of this page is specific to residents of Malaysia.

What is nanoe™ X

7 Effects of nanoe™ X

The effectiveness of virus and bacteria inhibition depends on the number of hydroxyl radicals. A nanoe™ X device generates a huge quantity of hydroxyl radicals - 4.8 trillion per second. This amount is 100 times that of the original nanoe™ device.
*These claims are specific to Malaysia
7 Effects of nanoe™ X

DC Motor Powerful & Energy Saving

A small and light DC motor equipped. Although it has a mono form exterior with a built-in PCB (Printed Circuit Board), the high motor power output produces plenty of air volume and wide air flow. Advantages of the DC motor: 1. Energy saving – compared AC motor 2. Quiet operation 3. Compact and light
DC Motor Powerful & Energy Saving

ECONAVI Save Up to 64%*

Every 3 minutes, a sensor detects the ambient temperature, and ECONAVI (intelligent microprocessor) adjusts the fan speed as the temperature rises and falls, automatically reducing energy wastage and saving up to 64%*. Moreover, the temperature you feel is almost constant, so you can stay comfortable.
*F-M15H5, (Simulation condition: O Room temperature decrease 4°C/20 minutes] 6 DC motor starts from Speed 8
ECONAVI Save Up to 64%*

Gentle and Comfortable Breeze

These fans are equipped with 1/f Yuragi function which is a fluctuating pattern to generate a gentle breeze. By this sophisticated formula, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, these new ceiling fans give you a peaceful and comfortable feeling.
Gentle and Comfortable Breeze