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Electric Fan Wall Fan F-MU50Y

RM 475.00



Strong 50cm Wall Fan

The 50cm diameter aluminum blades produce plenty of strong airflow, and the specially shaped turbo fin guard concentrates the airflow and delivers it farther. 3-step air speed switching is also available by a pull-switch easily.
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Turbo Fin Guard Design

Turbo Fin Guard Design
Front turbo fin is shaped like stator blade to minimize pressure loss and generator maximum airflow. Turbo fin guard will convert the swirling air to straight air, which focuses airflow to reach further distance.

Stronger, Higher Volume Airflow

Aluminium blade design: Spin at maximum speed to generate higher air velocity (300m/min).
Turbo fin guard design: Minimize pressure loss and generate maximum airflow, which focuses airflow to reach further distance.
Stronger, Higher Volume Airflow

Aluminium Blade

The large, 50cm blades are made with aluminium in attractive design. The durable, long-lasting blades generate ample amount of air, reaching all corners in the room.
Aluminium Blade

Thermal Safety Fuse

Panasonic’s electric fans are equipped with “W Fuse” in all models. In case of any operation abnormality, the thermal fuse and current fuse will stop the fan from keep on operating. Double reliability, providing peace of mind.
Thermal Safety Fuse



  • Color: Black: F-MU50YBlack
Photo of F-MU50Y

Turbo fin guard to focus airflow to reach
further distance

Aluminum blade for stronger airflow

3-speed on/off pull switch

Oscillation control by pull switch

Blade size: 50cm(20”)

Colour: Black

Blade size cm (inch) 50cm (20”)
R.P.M (Low) 940
R.P.M (High) 1280
Power Consumption (W) Low 60
Power Consumption (W) High 70
Air Delivery m³/min 110
Air Velocity (m/min) 300