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FV-15TGUZ-WT /content/dam/pim/my/en/FV/FV-15T/FV-15TGUZ-WT-SPP/ast-1914120.png FV-25TGU3-WT /content/dam/pim/my/en/FV/FV-25T/FV-25TGU3-WT-SPP/ast-1914121.png FV-20CUT1NAHP /content/dam/pim/my/en/FV/FV-20C/FV-20CUT1NAHP-SPP/ast-1914122.png

Ceiling Mount Q-blade Propeller Ventilation Fan

from RM 105.00


Ceiling Mount VF Propeller Series

Quiet, High-Volume Airflow

An effective propeller-type ventilation fan delivers high-volume airflow. The “Q Blade” design delivers reduced noise compared to conventional propeller fans.
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Ceiling Mount VF Propeller Series
from RM 105.00



Photo of FV-15TGUZ-WT


Photo of FV-25TGU3-WT


Photo of FV-20CUT1NAHP

Fan size: FV-15TGUZ-WT 16cm/ FV-25TGU3-WT 6.4”, FV-20CUT1NAHP 25cm/ 10”, 20cm/ 8”

Air volume: 142CFM / 240CMH, 368CFM / 240CMH, 265CFM / 450CMH

Power consumption: FV-15TGUZ-WT 12W, FV-25TGU3-WT 24W, FV-20CUT1NAHP 25.7W

Fan speed: FV-15TGUZ-WT 1330RPM, FV-25TGU3-WT 1010RPM, FV-20CUT1NAHP 1207RPM

Colour: White

Fan Size (cm) 16 25 20
Air Volume (CFM) 142 368 265
Air Volume (CMH) 240 265 450
Fan Speed (RPM) 1330 1010 1207
Motor Rating - 240V / 50Hz 240V / 50Hz
Motor (W) 12 24 25.7
Motor Type - 4 Pole Condenser Motor Condenser
Noise Level (dB) 35 45 41
Weight (kg) 1.2 1.9 1.8
Low Electricity Consumption 24 Hours (RM) 0.06 - -



Quick Ventilation, Odor Removal

If exhaust capacity is important, propeller fans are the recommended choice. Their high ventilation capacity quickly removes dirty air and unpleasant odours from a space.
Quick Ventilation, Odor Removal

Low Noise

An advanced blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principles that minimize any airflow impediment. An aerodynamic shape streamlines airflow from every direction. Smooth airflow that minimizes fan noise has been achieved through reduced turbulence at rear edges and improved curvature at front edges.
Low Noise

Highly Secure Fuse

A thermal safety fuse ensures that no accidents occur, even when there is a spike in current.
Highly Secure Fuse

Easy Installation

Humidity, dirty air, and unpleasant odours are directly expelled outside. Easy installation and a safe design with a built-in thermal fuse are also features.
Easy Installation