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FV-17CUMVBSH /content/dam/pim/my/en/FV/FV-17C/FV-17CUMVBSH-SPP/ast-1914081.png FV-24CUMVBSH /content/dam/pim/my/en/FV/FV-24C/FV-24CUMVBSH-SPP/ast-1914085.png

Ceiling Mount Sirocco Ventilation Fan

from RM 395.00


Ceiling Mount VF Slim Series

Stylish and Quiet

Compact, stylish, and quiet, this model is suitable for everything from bathrooms to bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.
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Ceiling Mount VF Slim Series
from RM 395.00


Custom Design

Optimal power ventilation and plumbing can be designed to suit the size of the room.
Custom Design

Stylish & Compact

A sleek form without grids or slits prevents dust from collecting, makes cleaning a breeze, and also blends beautifully into any space.
Stylish & Compact

Quiet Operation

A sirocco fan is used to reduce noise, making this the ideal choice for ventilation in bedrooms.
Quiet Operation

Highly Secure Fuse

A thermal safety fuse ensures that no accidents occur, even when there is a spike in current.
Highly Secure Fuse

Easy Installation

Humidity, dirty air, and unpleasant odours are directly expelled outside. Easy installation and a safe design with a built-in thermal fuse are also features.
Easy Installation



Photo of FV-17CUMVBSH


Photo of FV-24CUMVBSH

Installation size FV-17CUMVBSH 177×177mm / FV-24CUMVBSH 240×240mm

Air volume: FV-17CUMVBSH 53 (CFM) / 90 CMH), FV-24CUMVBSH 94 (CFM) / 160 (CMH)

Motor: FV-17CUMVBSH 9.5 (W), FV-24CUMVBSH 12 (W)

Fan Speed: FV-17CUMVBSH 790 (RPM), FV-24CUMVBSH 660 (RPM)

Colour: Silver

Air Volume (CFM) 53 94
Air Volume (CMH) 90 160
Power Consumption(W) 9.5 12
Fan Speed (RPM) 790 660
Weight (kg) 1.9 3.2
Noise Level(dB) 24 31
Low Electricity Consumption 24 Hours (RM) 0.05 0.09
Friction Factor Aluminum flexible duct 0.03~0.04 0.03~0.04
PVC Pipe 0.01~0.02 0.01~0.02
Galvanized steel pipe 0.016~0.025 0.016~0.025