Does your gym share these problems?

Heightened hygiene concerns

Customers who are anxious about cleanliness and infections risk.

Fast-spreading complaints

Customers reacted negatively towards bad odours, and shared it on social media.

Stretched staff
struggling to manage

Hard to maintain equipments and operations due to short staffed.

Tackle these challenges and enhance your gym environment with Panasonic

Attract new customers

Demonstrate how seriously you take their safety by investing in air purification equipment, and new customers will flood in.

Charm your users

Give your customers a premium gym experience by providing quality air that inhibits pollutants and helps them have a great workout.

Save time and resources

Straightforward, smart multisite control solution from Panasonic makes it easy to get everything just right, saving staff time.

Treat every space to quality air

Shower rooms

Panasonic’s systems quickly tackle shower humidity via ventilation, and nanoe™ X inhibits the growth of mould particles.


nanoe™ X efficiently suppresses bathroom odours, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Workout areas

nanoe™ X works to tackle sweat odours and clean shared training areas, and ERV technology continuously provides fresh air.

Changing rooms

nanoe™ X and ziaino™ inhibit pollutants and continuously deodorise changing rooms, so that customers can enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable environment.


nanoe™ X and ziaino™ perform exceptionally in closed studio spaces, deodorising and cleaning the air for a more comfortable workout experience. At the same time, ERV technology provides ventilation and keeps CO₂ levels in check.

Remote management for ultimate convenience

Floor plans for unified control

With multiple air conditioners to manage throughout your gym, it’s easy to lose track. Panasonic AC smart cloud provides an intuitive interface for checking on and adjusting your entire system.

Predictive servicing

Panasonic AC service cloud performs regular system health checks so you always know when repairs will be needed. So you don’t need to worry about sudden breakdowns damaging your customers’ experience.

Closing up made easier

Panasonic AC smart cloud means gym staff can switch off the air conditioning wherever you are, without having to check each room individually. Thanks to Panasonic AC smart cloud, you can even check the system remotely.

Planning the best installation for your gym

4-way cassette



Cabinet fan

Ventilation fan

VRF Outdoor Unit

Focused Ventilation and air conditioning

Performance score

Bacteria and virus inhibition:


CO₂ concentration:






Ease of installation:


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