SOHO. A practical but stylish office is always popular with employees and guests alike. The ideal office deserves to be filled with equally ideal air. You’ll see a real difference in productivity and profitability!

Do You Ever Wonder About the Quality of Air Around You?

Image showing how when the CO₂ concentration in an office goes up, productivity goes down.
Image showing how in an office environment, the odours that people produce can affect the wellness of others.

Our solution for SOHO

Image of a room map of a SOHO as seen from above, including reception area, office area and customer reception counter, library, customer reception counter, washroom, smoking room, storage room, and showing the possible locations of 10 different air quality management devices when reveal product details when clicked.

Note: Product models may differ according to country.

Keep CO2 concentrations low to enhance productivity

Image of people enjoying working in an office.

When many people are working hard in one space, it’s not surprising that the CO2 concentration tends to rise. A higher CO2 concentration makes it more difficult for employees to stay focused, negatively impacting their productivity. With the right air design, ventilation expels excess CO2 from the room, lowering its concentration and restoring your employees’ ability to focus.

Shower airflows cool the room without over-chilling

Image of a woman happily working at her computer.

Two large flaps compress the airflow, sending it upward, where the cool air then descends in a gentle shower to cool the room. Cooling people indirectly in this way prevents over-chilling, allowing them to work comfortably and productively.

Minimise unpleasant odours

Image of a frustrated man taking off his necktie.

When a lot of people come together to work, there are bound to be odours. One example is the odour of perspiration in summer, which tends to be strongest at the end of the workday or when visitors come in from the hot outdoors. nanoeTM Technology acts on the chemical substances that cause odours, breaking them down and mitigating their smell. The result is a more pleasant work environment for everyone.

Note: Results may vary based on usage, and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity). nanoeTM and nanoeTM X inhibit activity or growth of viruses, but do not prevent infection. Deodorisation effect varies according to the environment (temperature and humidity),
operation time, odour, and fabric types. It does not remove toxic substances in cigarettes (carbon monoxide, etc.). Odours that are continuously generated (e.g., building material odours and pet odors) are not completely removed. All images shown are for illustration purpose only. 

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