Image showing how outstanding air quality management helps everyone in this office feel comfortable.

Does your office share these problems?

Bad odours means unhappy employees

Are your employees suffering from busy and smelly shared spaces?

No ventilation means
no focus

Have you ever been frustrated by inconclusive, stuffy meetings?

Are your electricity
costs high?

Everyone wants to work in a comfortable environment, but there are concerns about electricity costs

Tackle these challenges and enhance your Office environment with Panasonic

Expel odours

Our clean technology breaks down bad smells, creating a pleasant office environment

Make meetings productive again

Restore focus in meetings by lowering CO2 with Panasonic’s ventilation system

Customised comfort that saves energy

Adjust the temperature in each area of the office for customised comfort, all while saving energy.

Treat every space to quality air

Working Space

Keep shared workspaces pleasant and odour-free with nanoe™ X’s inhibition of pollutants and ERV’s continuous fresh air.

Meeting rooms

Say goodbye to frustrating and stuffy meetings thanks to ERV technology. It reduces CO2 levels and works constantly to provide fresher, healthier air.


No more smelly and unhealthy break rooms with powerful deodorisation technology from ziano™ and ERV’s CO2 and fresh air control.

Changing Room

nanoe™ X clears changing rooms of unpleasant odours and pollutants so that employees can enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

Remote management for ultimate convenience

Easy remote controls

With Panasonic AC Smart Cloud, staff can check & adjust the temperature from just one central computer or tablet. Forgot to turn off the air-conditioning? With remote control, you won’t have to worry.

Quality Air Control

Optimum IAQ is realized using individual controllers and CO2 sensors. The interior remains comfortable, while heating and cooling costs are minimized – which contributes to making the working space more productive.

Planning the best installation for your office

4-way cassette



Ventilation Fan

VRF Outdoor Unit

Focused Ventilation and air conditioning

Performance score

Bacteria and virus inhibition:


CO₂ concentration:






Ease of installation:


Find a design built just for you

Our experts are waiting to design the best installation for your Office.

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