Does your pre-school share these problems?

Increased hygiene management demands

A seemingly endless list of areas to clean, as children touch everything

Heightened parental concern

Parents who are increasingly anxious around risks in the air and on surfaces

The need for easy temperature control

Staff struggling to provide a comfortable temperature for sensitive children

Staff struggling to provide a comfortable temperature for sensitive children

Support your staff

An air purifcation system takes care of airborne and surface pollutants, helping staff manage the cleanliness of your pre-school.

Put parents at ease

Demonstrating how seriously you take CO₂ control and air purification will reassure parents of the safety of your pre-school.

Save time and resources

Centralised air-conditioning control makes it easy to get everything just right, saving staff time.

Treat every room to quality air


nanoe™ X and ziaino™ technology makes sharing toys safer by inhibiting pollutants, and ERV technology keeps CO₂ levels under control.

Nap room

Help children fall into a peaceful sleep with nanoe™ X, ziaino™, and ERV technology, which continuously provides fresher, cleaner air.


nanoe™ X constantly suppresses bathroom odours, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone.


nanoe™ X inhibits pollutants, keeping handrails safe to use for both children and staff.

Remote management for ultimate convenience

Check and adjust from one place

Pre-school staff can easily operate Panasonic’s air-conditioning systems from one touch panel screen. So they no longer need to visit each room individually.

Responsive to room use

When classrooms or playrooms get busy, the local CO₂ concentration goes up. Our remote controls let you know with a simple colour change, so you can improve ventilation and get things back to normal.

The end of the day, made easier

Centralised control means pre-school staff can switch off the air conditioning in one place, without having to check each room individually.

Planning the best installation for your pre-school

4-way cassette



Cabinet fan

Ventilation fan

Ventilation fan

VRF Outdoor Unit

Focused Ventilation and air conditioning

Performance score

Bacteria and virus inhibition:


CO₂ concentration:






Ease of installation:


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