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Operational Service of Green AC Flex (Silky Fine Mist)

Green AC Flex

Comprehensive Service We Offer for You

Inquiries & Support

Inquiries & Support

• Customized product & installation proposal for project solution.
• Cost estimation.
• Product operation tutorial (after purchase).

Installation Support

Appoints authorized installer for product set up.

Installation Support
Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

• Offer periodical inspection and maintenance schedule from authorized vendor.
• Offer troubleshoot service.
• Offer genuine replacement for consumable parts
• Offer genuine replacement for key parts.

* Terms & Conditions*
* Maintenance contract needed to be signed prior purchase.
• Please be sure to subscribe to Panasonic official operation services when you purchase the product for full product value.
• The services will be provided under a contract with Panasonic XX (NSC).