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The Middle Path by Luke Neumann, Neumann Films (LUMIX GH5S Video)

The Middle Path - Luke Neumann, Luke Neumann - LUMIX GH5S Video

“The Middle Path”

Subject #800080 is brought online by his creator to find that he will be different than his predecessors.
Rather than being initialized with the current AI, he is left as a blank slate and ordered to venture into the world to learnabsolute truths.

Camera: LUMIX GH5S
Lens: ARRI / ZEISS Master Anamorphic Lens MA 35 mm/T1.9
Others: Led Video Light AputureLS C300d and Ultradolly

The low light capabilites are the first thing that come to mind. Most of the footage was shot at ISO 2500, which is the higher of the Dual Native ISO values.


About Luke Neumann / Neumann Films

About Luke Neumann / Neumann Films

Neumann Films is a production company located in the Pacific Northwest. With over 110,000 subscribers, their YouTube channel is known for producing high quality visual content. Their broad range showcases a passion for both narrative and travel/documentary work.

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