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Electric Bidet DL-EH10

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Better Personal Hygiene with Flexible Cleaning Modes

Discover the soothing comfort of gentle heated Ag+ antibacterial seats along with multiple cleaning modes and adjustable water temperature for an elevated toilet experience.
  • Ag+
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Personal Hygiene Made Easy

Personal Hygiene Made Easy
Panasonic's electric bidet is a great addition to your family, making toilet visits easier and simpler for everyday use. Great for those with limited mobility, such as senior citizens or people with disabilities. Also ideal for children who are starting toilet practices.

Clean & Hygienic Toilet Experience

1 Ag+ Antibacterial Seat

Ag+ (Silver) ions have strong anti-bacteria properties of up to 99%* on the surface of the seat to keep you and your family safe.
* In compliance with Japan SIAA ISO22196 : 2007. Registration no: JP0122072A0018Y
Ag+ Antibacterial Seat

2 Ag+ Stainless Steel Nozzle

The nozzle is made out of a single-piece, gapless stainless steel to minimise stain accumulation for easy cleaning.
Ag+ Stainless Steel Nozzle

3 Auto & Manual Self-cleaning Nozzle

The nozzle cleans itself automatically before & after every use. It can also be activated manually for a 1-minute thorough self-cleaning with 40ºC warm water.
Auto & Manual Self-cleaning Nozzle

Comfortable & Gentle Cleaning For the Family

Using water as the primary source for cleaning, a bidet is more hygienic and gentle to our skin as compared to toilet paper which reduces the chance of developing a rash or other skin condition.
Comfortable & Gentle Cleaning For the Family

Ultimate Comfort For All

Eco Warm Seat

Easily select from 4 preset temperatures from OFF, 34°C to 40°C for maximum comfort with low electricity consumption (0.6kwh/day*) by automatically decreasing temperature when not in use or when power-saving mode is activated.
*Based on in house test result, with 16 times usage per day at High temperature setting, 220V/50Hz without 8-hrs power saving mode activation.
Eco Warm Seat

3D Curve Seat

The 3D curve seat is ergonomically designed to contour the thighs of an average person, offering better weight distribution to reduce fatigue even after long periods of sitting.
3D Curve Seat

Flexible Cleaning Modes

1 Clean & Comfortable Cleaning

Oscillation Cleaning - Wide area of cleaning movement up to 12mm for greater coverage.

Spa Massage Cleaning - Rotates between strong and gentle water flow for comfortable & gentle massage.
Clean & Comfortable Cleaning

2 Switchable Nozzle for Different Needs

The nozzle can be switched easily between 2 modes according to different needs for better cleanliness.
Switchable Nozzle for Different Needs

3 Adjustable Water Pressure & Temperature

Easily adjust desired water pressure & temperature* from 37.5ºC to 39.5ºC for a comfortable and clean wash.
* +/- 2ºC deviation
Adjustable Water Pressure & Temperature

Safe & Reliable

Safe & Reliable
IPX4 rated splash-proof design protects against water splashes to prevent electric shock & burn during cleaning or showering.

Better Personal & Bathroom Hygiene

Better Personal & Bathroom Hygiene
Suitable for senior citizens, children, pregnant women and people with disabilities to provide them convenient and hygienic daily toilet visits.

Effortless & User-friendly

Easy to Operate

The simple icon design featured on the control panel can be understood and operated easily by users.
Easy to Operate

Dry & Clean Bathroom

With a built-in bidet, bathroom floors are less likely to become wet. A dry and clean bathroom can improve family members' overall safety by reducing the risk of falling.
Dry & Clean Bathroom

Hassle-free Cleaning

Minimises the need for people with limited mobility, such as senior citizens, pregnant women and people with disabilities to reach for the water hose for cleaning.
Hassle-free Cleaning

Fits Most Bathrooms

Fits Most Bathrooms
Compatible with most toilets and easy to install. Helps to improve hygiene and transform your toilet into a safer and more comfortable space.

Easy Installation

Compatible Toilet Bowl Shape

Shape Compatibility Check: Ensure your toilet bowl shape and dimensions match well with our bidet.
Compatible Toilet Bowl Shape

Toilet Bowl Dimension

Refer to this guide to easily check if your toilet is compatible with Panasonic's electric bidet. Ensure all measurements are within the same range.
Toilet Bowl Dimension

Four Foot Rubbers

Ensure the four rubber feet align with the toilet bowl seat.
Four Foot Rubbers

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Photo of Electric Bidet DL-EH10

Size and Weight


*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

  • Rear WashRear Wash
  • Nozzle Position AdjustmentNozzle Position Adjustment
  • Water Pressure ControlWater Pressure Control
  • Seat WarmerSeat Warmer
  • Antibacterial SeatAntibacterial Seat
  • Energy Saving ModeEnergy Saving Mode
  • Front WashFront Wash
  • Water Temperature ControlWater Temperature Control
  • Self-cleaning NozzleSelf-cleaning Nozzle
  • Stainless Steel NozzleStainless Steel Nozzle

99% Ag+ Antibacterial seat & stainless steel nozzle

Hygienic nozzle design with auto self-cleaning nozzles

Comfortable heated and 3D curve seat

Flexible cleaning modes

Easy installation & fits most bathrooms

Basic Specification

  • Rated Power Consumption

    • 506W
  • Storage Tank Volume

    • 0.6L
  • Safety device

    • Thermal FuseTemperature LimiterBulit-in Electrical Leakage ProtectorBulit-in Occupancy SwitchBackflow preventnion device
  • Operating range of Water Pressure

    • 49 - 735 kPa (0.5 - 7.5 kgf/㎠)
  • Operating Range of Water Temperature

    • 0 - 35℃ (Inlet), 0 - 40℃ (Ambient)
  • Dimensions (L×W×H)

    • 515 mm × 474 mm × 159 mm
  • Weight (net)

    • 3.6 kg


  • Color

    • White
  • Contorl Panel

    • Left Side (Long sleeve/English)
  • Lid

    • w/ Caution Label (English)
  • Nozzle Shutter

    • Yes

Washing Mode

  • For everyone

    • YesStrength Adjustment 3 position
  • Wide Washing

    • No
  • Move Washing

    • Yes
    • Yes
  • Ocsillation Washing

    • Yes
    • Yes
  • For woman

    • YesStrength Adjustment 3 position


  • Anti-bacterial Seat

    • Yes (Surface)
  • Bubbles Coating

    • No

Energy Saving

  • Seat Temperature

    • High:37℃
  • 8 hours Power Saving

    • Yes
  • Smart Saving

    • Yes


  • SUS Nozzle

    • Yes
  • Nozzle Cleaning

    • Yes (Auto/Self)
  • Position Adjustment

    • No
  • Nozzle

    • 1 SUS Nozzle (for 2 position)



  • Tharsyani Nair @tharsh_nair, Recommended

    Panasonic Electronic Bidet is super important for both men and women. It helps maintain vaginal hygiene for women and helps prevent Jock itch, which is a bacterial infection around the groin area for men.

    Panasonic Electronic Bidet is super important for both men and women. It helps maintain vaginal hygiene for women and helps prevent Jock itch, which is a bacterial infection around the groin area for men.

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