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1550W Cordless Steam Iron with Multi-Direction Soleplate NI-WL41VSK

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Freestyle Ironing!

Quick wrinkle reduction with CORDLESS & Multi-Direction Soleplate. Starting easily with Detachable Water Tank and no waiting till cooling down for Carrying Case.
  • Cordless
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CORDLESS - Easy to Use, Easy to Handle

CORDLESS irons let you start ironing right away, and they offer smooth handling because there’s no cord getting in the way. And when you’ve finished ironing, it’s easier to tidy up—simply put the unit in the case.

CORDLESS - Easy to Use, Easy to Handle

Easy from Preparation to Storing

Quick Set-up and Heat-up

To top up the water supply, just remove the tank. Preparation is easy so you can quickly iron something just before leaving home.
Quick Set-up and Heat-up

Easy Ironing with Comfortable Glide

The combination of a CORDLESS iron and symmetrical multi-direction soleplate tapered at both ends provides freedom of movement for efficient ironing of all parts of clothes.
Easy Ironing with Comfortable Glide

Quick Wrinkle Reduction with Powerful Steam Shot

Just push the button and a blast of steam removes wrinkles. The combination of the CORDLESS design and this vertical shot lets you easily deal with items on hangers.
Quick Wrinkle Reduction with Powerful Steam Shot

Quick Storage, Just Put the Unit in the Case

The unit can be stored in the carrying case without waiting for the soleplate to cool down.
Quick Storage, Just Put the Unit in the Case

Convenient Feature


Water leakage is automatically prevented by halting the water supply in case the temperature of the soleplate drops to a certain level.


The capsule inside the water tank prevents lime scale from clogging the steam vents, which maintains enough steam for a long time.

Auto Shut-off

Even if you forget to turn off the iron, it will automatically shut off in 10 minutes.
Auto Shut-off

Adjustable Steam

You can select the amount of steam in 3 levels: Dry, Medium, and High.
Adjustable Steam

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Photo of 1550W Cordless Steam Iron with Multi-Direction Soleplate NI-WL41VSK

Size and Weight


* Weight without power base.

Smooth glide with CORDLESS and Multi-Direction Soleplate

Quick set-up with Detachable Water Tank

Less risk of burn and drop with the Stable Power Base

Vertical Steam Shot for quick use

No waiting till cooling down with Carrying Case


  • Model

    • NI-WL41VSK


  • Color (Iron / Water Tank)

    • Black/Purple
  • Color

    • Black
  • Soleplate Style

    • Multi-Direction Soleplate
  • Steam Circulating Soleplate

    • N/A
  • Soleplate Finish

    • Ceramic
  • Water Tank

    • Detachable
  • Iron Handle

    • N/A
  • Built-in Retractable Cord Reel

    • No
  • Temperature Control

    • Digital Control
  • TEMPERATURE READY Indicator Light

    • On/Off - 3 Settings
  • Heat Resistant Carrying Case

    • Yes
  • Wide Water Refill

    • N/A
  • Cord Design

    • N/A


  • Easy Glide - Curved Soleplate

    • Yes
  • Steam Output

    • 11 g/min
  • Time Saving - Multi-Directional Soleplate

    • Yes
  • Selectable Fabric / Temperature Dial

    • 3 Fabric Settings
  • Choose Steam or Dry Operation

    • Dry / Steam Position Selector
  • Adjustable Steam Amount

    • High / Middle / Dry
  • Extra Jet-of-Steam

    • N/A
  • Water Mist

    • No
  • Water Tank Capacity

    • 135 cc


  • Vertical Steam

    • Yes
  • Automatic Water Seal

    • Anti-Drip System
  • Stay Clean Steam Vents

    • N/A
  • Quick Reference Fabric / Temp. Chart

    • On Charging Base
  • Easy Storage / Carrying Case w / Handle

    • Yes
  • Cord Length

    • 1.9 m
  • Water Tank Refill Cup

    • N/A
  • Self Cleaning

    • N/A


  • Auto Shut-Off

    • In Charging Base (after 10 min.)
  • Power Supply

    • 1300-1550 W
  • Rated Power

    • N/A
  • Iron - Temperature Range

    • N/A


  • Carton Dimensions (H x W x D)

    • 373 x 302 x 461 mm
  • Master Carton Dimensions (H x W x D)

    • N/A
  • Weight

    • 1.9 kg (without power base 0.97 kg)

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