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Powerful Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB85KH047 for Pet Hair and Long Hair

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Tangle-free, Hygienic Cleaning with Long-lasting Performance

You can clean more hygienically and stress-free. The newly equipped nozzle can also remove bacteria, and vacuums up pet hair and long hair without getting them tangled. The powerful suction power and the house dust sensor ensure efficient cleaning.
  • house dust sensor
  • made in Japan
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Say Good-bye to Tangled Hair Maintenance

Tangle-Free Power Nozzle

This power nozzle eliminates over 99% of the hair and pet fur tangles causing stress. There is no longer any need to remove the brush, which makes maintenance effortless.
Tangle-Free Power Nozzle

Unique double conical brush

The conical double brush moves hair and pet hair to the center of the nozzle, and suck it in.
Unique double conical brush

Customers’ Voice

“I have more time to spend with my kids”

"I feel safe now. I have met the perfect vacuum with house dust sensor and anti bacterial plate. Now my house is clean. No more hair on the nozzle and I have more time to spend with my kids."
Liza – mother
“I have more time to spend with my kids”

“I have no more disgusting nozzles”

"I absolutely love it. Not only it is light, I’ve got no more hair on the floor, and I’ve got no more pet’s fur on the sofa anymore. And most importantly, I have no more disgusting nozzles. Such a relief."
Stella – pet owner
“I have no more disgusting nozzles”

Cleaning Problems

Impression of using MC-SB85K

Rest Assured Dust Is Gone!

Anti-bacteria Brush

Cleaning with an anti-bacterial nozzle removes bacteria 99% or more on wooden flooring and helps to keep floors clean.*2
Anti-bacteria Brush

A blue light means clean

The House Dust Sensor alerts you to invisible dust. By focusing on the areas where the red light shines, you can clean more efficiently.
A blue light means clean

Detects dust as small as approx. 20 μm

House dust containing allergens may have adverse health effects. The sensor notifies you of dust and dirt to prevent any from being left behind.
Detects dust as small as approx. 20 μm

Clean Air Exhaust

The multi filtration system captures invisible dust particles 99% to ensure only clean air in the exhaust.*3
Clean Air Exhaust

Stress-free Hygienic Cleaning

The new Tangle-Free Power Nozzle has been developed to not only provide stress-free cleaning but also support a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Easy Maintenance and Maneuverability

Fully washable dust box

The dust box and filters can be washed with water to always keep them clean.
Fully washable dust box

Lightweight and long-lasting vacuuming

This vacuum only weighs 2 kg to put less stress on the body while limiting any worry about recharging with an up to 85 minutes of battery life.
Lightweight and long-lasting vacuuming

Light vacuuming with motor assist

The nozzle with dual motors moves forward powerfully, letting you vacuum with little force. It also scoops up and vacuums debris hidden in the carpet without any effort.
Light vacuuming with motor assist

Easily clean under furniture

The flexible nozzle cleans under furniture and other hard-to-reach places even when the handle is tilted to right or left.
Easily clean under furniture

Attachments to Clean Every Part of Your Room

Mattress Nozzle

This ideal nozzle is designed to effectively remove dust from mattress, sofa and cushions.
Mattress Nozzle

2-way Dusting Brush

Slide a brush in and out to gently capture dust on any type of surface you want.
2-way Dusting Brush

Flat Crevice Nozzle

The nozzle reaches into small spaces and can also effectively remove dust on high places.
*The photo uses the MC-BJ980 model.
Flat Crevice Nozzle

Handheld style

Removing the extension pipe makes it easy to clean small areas such as top of furniture.
Handheld style


*1 [Test Method] The vacuum is run on the High and Auto modes to clean 0.25 g of hair (length of 25 cm and 40 cm to 45 cm) for one cycle on approximately 4.86 m2 of flooring. This is done for 10 cycles. [Test Results] Less than 1% of the hair tangled in the brush after one cycle. The result differs depending on the hair thickness and length and with certain types of pet fur.
*2 [Testing Organization] Japan Food Research Laboratories [Test Strain] Staphylococcus aureus [Test Method] One back and forth sweep with the floor nozzle on wood flooring without grooves coated with the bacteria [Test Results] Bacteria elimination effect of 99% or more (our calculated value) [Date of Issue of Test Report] September 15, 2021 [Test Report Number] No. 20139632001-0301.
*3 [Test Method] The vacuum is run using 5 g of sample dust for one cycle, and then the number of particles in the exhaust after six cycles is measured. [Test Dust] Portland cement [Test Results] The vacuum captured over 99% of house dust that is 1 μm or larger.

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Photo of Powerful Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB85KH047 for Pet Hair and Long Hair

Size and Weight


*Main unit: H396 x W87×D193 mm, 1.3 kg

Suction Power: 150 W
2.0 kg Lightweight

Tangle-Free Power Nozzle with
Antibacterial Brush

Advanced Stainless Steel Cyclone
House Dust Sensor

0.3 L Dust Capacity

Running time: Min 6 min / Max 85 min

Attachments: Mattress Nozzle / 2-way Dusting Brush / Flat Crevice Nozzle / Wall Mounted Adapter

Power Supply

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Suction Power (MAX)

  • 150W


  • Dust Box(Washable)

Power Control

  • 3(Auto / High / Long)

Floor Nozzle

  • Tangle-Free Power Nozzle


  • 4(Telescopic 2-way nozzle / Dusting brush / Mattress nozzle / Cleaning brush / Clip-on hook)


  • House Dust Sensor

Dust Capacity

  • 0.3 L

Running time

  • AUTO :16 – 28 min
    HIGH :6 min
    LONG :85 min with floor nozzle
    35 min with 2-way dusting brush or the dusting brush or the mattress nozzle
    (full charge, fairly new battery, at 20 °C)

Charging time

  • 3 hours

Weight (as Stick)

  • 2.0 Kg


  • 253 mm × 193 mm × 1130mm


  • Grey

Dust Bag

  • Bagless



  • Dayah Bakar (@dayahbakar), Recommended

    Dayah found the perfect and light vacuum untuk make sure rumah bersih and create a safe environment untuk Fahri, it’s Panasonic SB85 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Suction kuat, dan Dayah suka the fact that they have house dust sensor to ensure efficient cleaning

    Dayah Bakar (@dayahbakar), Recommended
  • 关萃汶 Weon Kuan (@weonkuan), Recommended

    Panasonic SB85 全新的无线杆式吸尘机!首先,特别研发的锥形刷子可有效防止宠物毛发缠绕刷头,还可去除99%细菌。再来,重量只有2kg还操作简单!完全解决了我的烦恼,现在随时随地打扫也不累,超推!

    关萃汶 Weon Kuan (@weonkuan), Recommended
  • Amanda Elli (@dr_princessamandaelli), Recommended

    Having Panasonic Super Cyclone Cordless vacuum helps me and my family a lot because of its Super Suction Power & House Dust Sensor which automatically detects dust from all angles. It also has a bacterial elimination effect through its iron plate nozzle which makes my cleaning stress-free, efficient, and hygienic! My pet’s hair and my own long hair can also be cleaned without being tangled!

    Amanda Elli (@dr_princessamandaelli), Recommended
  • Alicia Tan (@aliciatal), Recommended

    I have allergy to dust mites, so it’s so important to keep my house clean, or I will be sneezing constantly for real. Hence the amazing thing about Panasonic Cordless Stick Vacuum SB85 is it has a dust sensor that alerts me of these microscopic dust particles and powerfully vacuums them and removes bacteria 99%! I LOVE its tangle-free power nozzle as well, all the pet fur + my long hair + dust won’t be tangled together! Cleaning has been made so easy & convenient! To no more constantly sneezing & allergies!

    Alicia Tan (@aliciatal), Recommended
  • Jorise Lee (@joriselee), Recommended

    这台新款的Panasonic无线吸尘机,能够去除99%细菌 ,不管是动物毛发或头发都不缠结!它还有灯光指示,当闪出蓝红灯亮表示已彻底清洗干净 ,绝对是居家好帮手!😍

    Jorise Lee (@joriselee), Recommended
  • Farah Waheda (@farahwaheda), Recommended

    ALL NEW Panasonic Powerful Cyclone Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner MC-SB85KH047 for Pet Hair and Long Hair really makes me happy. Sebelah tangan pun boleh vacuum sebab it's lightweight. The best part habis semua jenis rambut and pet hair kena sedut. Habuk celah² mana semua dia sedut habis. Features paling Kak Fa suka it removes bacteria 99% with its newly developed power nozzle.

    Farah Waheda (@farahwaheda), Recommended

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