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Water Heater (Non-Jet Pump) DH-3MS1MW

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Non-Jet Pump M series Home Shower (Water Heater)

M series provides a range of new trendy designs. Simple and straight forward control panel home shower which allows you to experience luxurious, safe and comfortable shower everyday. The elegant design fits any bathroom ‘theme’ or colors.
–  3.6kW
–  Ag+ Crystal: Antibacterial Shower Head


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9 Safety Points – Part 1

1) Insulated Structure

- Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) for protection provided by enclosure against access to harzardous parts with finger and foreign objects
- Prevent fire/electric shock/injury

2) Water Splash Proof Case Cover

- Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) for protection provided by enclosure against harmful effect due to ingres of water.
- Prevent fire/electrical shock

3) One Push ON-OFF Switch

- Switch off both main power line and water supply line directly
- Prevent burning and electric shock

4) Non Flammable Material Compliance

- UL-94-V0 Classification Material
- Self extinguish, non-combustible material for external casing (Front Plate/Back Plate)
- Prevent fire

9 Safety Points – Part 2

5) Manual Reset Thermostat

- Cut off power supply in the event of component failure resulting in continuous heating in abnormal conditions.
- Prevent fire

6) Reinforced Polyamide Heater Unit

- Self extinguish, non-combustible material for container
- Heat Resistance 237°C
- Prevent fire
- Detachable heater for easy maintenance and easy cleaning by authorized technician

7) Auto Thermal Cut-Off (55°C)

- Cut off power supply in the event of water temperature exceeds hazards limit
- Prevent from burns (first-degree burn)

8) Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB)

- Mechanical Type, Double Pole Switch
- Double safety as it cuts off both neutral and live line completely if electricity leakage occurs
- Power supply cuts off automatically when unit has current leakage
- Prevent electric shock

9) Water Flow Sensor

- Cut off power supply if the water flow is too low which can lead to water temperature from becoming very hot
- Prevent over-heating


Water Heater (Non-Jet Pump) DH-3MS1MW
Power consumption
3.6 kW
420 x 185 x 85 (H x W x D) (mm)
Water Pressure
Max 380kPa, Min 9.8kPa

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