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• Compact and Energy Efficient
• Reliable and Safe
• Durable



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Compact and Energy Efficient

• Pump cover with smooth curve for elegant outlook
• Brass-made casing cover and impeller are resistance to friction and high temperature that allow smoother water stream
• Nitrogen Gas is adopted in accumulator for stable and optimum performance
• Rubber Bladder made of pliable material butyl that is strong enough to produce a more stable pressure


• Accumulator is a compression space containing Nitrogen Gas which has characteristics of elasticity. The gas content will never deplete that always stay stable and optimum
• Rubber Bladder is made of Butyl that is stainless and anti-leakage.It functions as water separator with the Nitrogen compression room.
• Automatic Switch equipped with a protector made of fire-retardantmaterial and a Platinum-made Switch that is long-lasting. If functions to break the steam if the water stream is closed.

Reliable and Safe

• Equipped with Thermal Protector (130°C) enchances security against burning by turning off the pump directly
• Double stator protection being resistant to abrasion reduce the danger of short circuit


• High accurate rotor with anti-rust layer allows operation up to 8,000 hours without stopping
• Stainless aluminum motor body and brass casing cover allow high durability
• Auto system with platium equipped switch can operate 1 million on/off without performance reduced

Installation and Selection

To get the right pump for the job, following criteria should be determined

1) Required amount of water
2) Suction Head - The Vertical distance from water level to the centerline of the pump
3) Discharge Head -The vertical distance from the centerline of the pump to final discharge outlet
4) Friction Loss - Resistance and loss of pressure due to the flow of water pass through the pipes and fittings with the pump system

*Friction loss can be found from reference table for standard pipe supplies and manufacturer-provided charts for particular parts respectively

5) Total Dynamic Head - Suction Head + Discharge Head + Friction Loss

Once the values are determined, the pump can be sized according to Required Amount of Water and Total Dynamic Head from Pump Characteristic Chart.


Auto Pump
Max. Total Head: 27M

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