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Cookware for Microwave Ovens

Cookware for Microwave Ovens

Cookware for Microwave Ovens – Panasonic Cooking


Use only utensils and containers that are approved for use in the microwave oven. Some of these include heat resistant glassware such as Pyrex and pyroceramic glass cookware such as CorningWare as well as other glass, ceramic and plastic containers which are labeled for microwave use. Non-laminated white paper, white paper plates and bags, kitchen towel, straw and wooden containers may be used for short reheating purpose. Depending on manufacturers’ specifications, certain plastic plates and bowls are safe for use in the microwave oven.

Non microwave-safe

Avoid using plastic containers which are not labeled for microwave use. Lighter plastics like butter and margarine tubs should not be used as the heat from the microwave can melt them, which means that some of the chemicals in the plastic can be transferred to your food.

Avoid using cookware, plates or bowls with gold or metal rim, stainless steel bowls, aluminium foil and other metal containers to cook or reheat food in the microwave oven as sparks will be created.

Brown paper bags and printed paper bags are not advisable for use in the microwave oven.

These are generally not microwave-safe

Other packaging and containers

When reheating food covered with plastic wrap, try to keep the plastic wrap from touching the food. Use heat resistant wrap instead of normal cling wrap if possible.

If food comes packaged in a foam tray or plastic wrapper, remove it from the tray and wrapping and transfer to a microwave-safe dish before reheating. The heat can make the foam trays and plastic wrapping melt. This can be harmful when in contact with the food.

When reheating packaged food, always carefully follow the microwave instructions on the box, especially the length of cooking time.

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