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Jennifer Maring : A Coming-of-Age Portrait Session (LUMIX GH5)

A Coming-of-Age Portrait Session

Jennifer Maring: A Coming-of-Age Portrait Session

With each assignment, Jennifer Maring considers the wide variety of factors that will result in the best results: the location, the goals of the shoot, and the choice of the right equipment. Together, these ingredients create not just excellent images, but a memorable experience for photographer and subject. In this portrait session, Jennifer considers using the LUMIX GH5 together with a Leica12-60mm lens one of the key ingredients for a successful outcome.

As a professional, Jennifer can’t compromise on her high standards, and this camera and lens deliver. “The Leica12-60mm was the perfect choice for this session . . . it also has the durability and reliability I expect in a lens,” Jennifer raves. “When you are in a situation and need versatile focal lengths while being lightweight, nothing compares. As a person behind the camera, it’s reassuring to have so much faith and freedom while working.”

For this session, a photo shoot to celebrate the coming of age of her subject, Brianna, Jennifer found a “hidden gem” in this Connecticut location, full of interesting scenery, with a charming bridge and serene shoreline. But Jennifer makes sure that the eye always stays focused on the subject, not on the scenery. “Having this lens allowed me to focus on her in so many ways,” she says. “The 12-60 allowed me to photograph and showcase Brianna full length, as well as mid-range to close-up. It was the perfect balance!”

Jennifer is mindful of the importance not only of the image quality, which needs to surpass the client’s expectations, but of the overall experience of being photographed, which should be fun and memorable. “Having the ability to relax people in front of your camera is key. Working with the GH5 and 12-60mm allowed me to be fluid and thoughtful in the way I worked and the experience she had. Working the way I did allowed me not to skip a beat, and make the session full of so many looks.”

Jennifer’s skilled, intuitive process reveals that each session is just as special for the photographer as it is for the subject. “Brianna is a beautiful young woman inside and out . . .  personal photoshoots encourage us to see our uniqueness, and inspire us and feel our very best. It’s an amazing feeling being an artist who photographs moments in time and sees the excitement when people realize how amazing their life is.”

Jennifer Maring

Jennifer Maring

Jennifer Maring is an American photographer, visual artist, and business woman pushing the boundaries of content and creative storytelling in both photography and video. With a career spanning two decades her photographs of celebrities, Presidents, and business leaders have been published widely in International magazines such as People, InStyle, US Weekly, Celebrity Living, Brides, OK, and so many others. In the exciting and competitive world of professional imaging Jennifer understands the importance of ongoing reinvention and is often cited as a shining positive influence to women, students, and other artists. Jennifer is a seeker of moments to create on the highest of levels, and opportunities to educate, encourage, and inspire others.

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