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Jordan Bunch: Better than Memory | Lumix Camera

Jordan Bunch: Better than Memory

Wedding photographer Jordan Bunch is passionately committed to, in his words, “capturing the emotion of the couple in a way that feels genuine, but also surreal.” His photos are striking in their intimacy, as is evident in this shoot he did in 2021. For this wedding, Jordan was able to communicate the deep joy of the newly-married couple even under difficult circumstances—the wedding took place during the COVID pandemic – when both the bride and groom are medical doctors. Jordan’s work demonstrates his unique feel for the moment, and his skill in deploying just the right gear to get the shot.

Jordan photographed the happy couple using a pair of Lumix S1s, the 85mm lens, and occasionally the 16-35mm lens. In choosing the S1, Jordan notes its special ability to capture color: “The color produced from the LUMIX S line of cameras and lenses is unparalleled. When it comes to photographing people, color science is perhaps the most overlooked feature of a camera system. And LUMIX is the top of the food chain in this regard.”

He also notes that the camera’s dynamic range is excellent, which is critical. “With wedding photography, I am often backlighting my subject with the sun . . . I don't want the sky to be washed out, or the couple to be underexposed. And the depth, bokeh characteristics, and compression of the 85mm lens is just spectacular.”

Speaking in more detail about lenses, Jordan has a favorite lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras— the Leica 42.5mm lens—and was thrilled with the 85mm came out because of the similar field of view. “I think the 85mm focal length is perfect for weddings. It’s not too long that it can't be used indoors, but it still gives amazing compression and depth.” This is evident in the cherished feel of the resulting photos no matter the setting, whether the ceremony or the reception.

In addition to making sure he has the right gear for the job, Jordan is able to get high-level results by keeping in mind his ultimate goal and responsibility as a wedding photographer: to preserve memory, not just for the couple, but for all time. “I want the images to look better than how they remembered the wedding. It is a huge responsibility because these images will be passed down from generation to generation. I want to create timeless images that tell the story of their love to those come after them, showing their family heritage.” In this bittersweet moment in history, the joy that radiates from these wedding photos is nothing less than a triumph.

Jordan Bunch

Jordan Bunch

Jordan Bunch is a wedding filmmaker and photographer. His passion for weddings is only exceeded by his love of running profitable companies with his artwork. He owns both a high-end boutique wedding video/photo company as well as a volume wedding brand, capturing both the big and small budget wedding market in Central Texas. His boutique brand has won numerous awards, including having his wedding films featured in film festivals. Through his volume wedding brand Jordan trains aspiring film-makers and photographers to use LUMIX cameras to create stunning wedding films in the style of his own work. Jordan is also the host of the Wedding Film Academy podcast, where has made a name for himself interviewing guests and teaching an audience of 25,000+ wedding filmmakers around the world on his weekly show. He teaches his audience techniques for creating better wedding films and strategies for running a more successful business.

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