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Rechargeable Water Flosser EW1211A425

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Dental care with powerful water jets

Water jets flush away hard-to-reach debris trapped between teeth


Effective dental care with 2 water jets

Choose from 2 water jets to suit needs and preference.
Jet mode: Powerful and pulsating high-pressure water jet shoots directly between the teeth.
Air in jet mode: Pulsating streams of water mixed with air shoot intermittently to clean periodontal pockets and stimulate the gums.
*Choose from 2 modes - regular or soft.
Effective dental care with 2 water jets

Advanced triple oral care

You can thoroughly maintain oral hygiene with interdental care, periodontal pocket care and gum care.
Advanced triple oral care

Rotatable nozzle, A choice of 3 modes

Turning the nozzle changes the water direction. Choose between three different modes. Select "JET" for powerful removal of food particles, "REGULAR AIR IN" for massaging gums and rinsing, or "SOFT AIR IN" for gentle massaging.
Rotatable nozzle, A choice of 3 modes

Easy-grip design, Water tank

Ergonomic easy-grip design. Easy-to-handle, even when filled with water.
Full tank of water will provide around 35 seconds of use between re-filling.
Easy-grip design, Water tank

Washable, Charging stand

Whole device is completely washable. Removable tank is dishwasher safe.
Countertop charger is equipped with nozzle stand and is wall-mountable.
Washable, Charging stand


Photo of Rechargeable Water Flosser EW1211A425

Effective dental care with 2 water jets

Advanced triple oral care

Easy-grip design

Model Number

  • EW1211A

Unit Dimensions (HxWxD)

  • Approx. 59 x 75 x 197 mm

Unit Weight (without battery)

  • Aprox. 305 g

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