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Make your refrigerator the lean, clean, freshness machine

Make your refrigerator the lean, clean, freshness machine.

Nothing at home works harder than your refrigerator. Operating twenty-four hours, non-stop, to keep your foodstuff cool and preserved, the appliance seldom gets the care it deserves. Follow these simple cleaning tips to enhance its performance and make it last longer.


Get the purpose right

There is a general misconception that the cooler the refrigerator, the better it is performing. Refrigerators keep food cold, yes, but that’s not the reason why they were created. Cooling is merely a way to achieve the real purpose – that is to preserve and maintain freshness of foods for longer periods.


Fruit kept outside at room temperature

Spoils within a few days


Fruit kept in the refrigerator

Lasts many days

Get the cleaning right

Spilled food, mold and bacteria can cause food poisoning. A clean fridge, on the other hand, keeps your food fresher and better tasting. Follow these simple steps to ensure your fridge always remains clean.


Interior cleaning

Clean stains with warm water and a soft cloth. If the stain cannot be removed easily, use warm water and mild detergent. Use cloth to wipe off excess detergent.


Exterior cleaning

Clean by using a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent. Ensure that any detergent left behind is wiped off.


Door seal cleaning

Clean by wiping with a soft damp cloth. Petroleum gel is typically applied to the door seal on the hinge side of the unit. Be careful not to wipe it off.

Use these simple tips

The trick is to prevent spillages and limit bad odours. Use these tried and tested techniques for a clean and happy fridge.


To avoid spillages and bad odours, always cover your food with a lid and put a date to every container to ensure it is consumed in time.


Occasionally wipe the inside surfaces with a combination of water and vinegar. It helps remove tough stains and also has a deodorising effect.


If the odours persist, open a box of baking soda and place it on a door shelf. The baking soda will absorb the bad odour.

Never use any of these


Alkaline kitchen detergents

Can crack plastic


Cleanser, scrubber or soap powder

Can leave scratches on the surface


Benzine, thinner, alcohol, acid, petroleum

Are inflammable


Hot water

Can cause glass to shatter

A freezer is to freeze, a chiller is to chill

Every compartment is built with a purpose. Most refrigerators these days come with a chiller. Unlike the freezing or cooling compartments, the function of the chiller, as the name implies, is to chill stuff. This means, at -3ºC, it will provide just the right temperature to soft-freeze your food and drinks, ensuring a delicious flavour and texture for instant consumption.


Ideal for enjoying chilled beverages