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Quick Tips to Using your Fridge

Quick Tips to Using your Fridge

Fridge is one of the most hardworking household appliance that operates 24/7. Maintaining your fridge at its optimal settings will ensure that your fridge works efficiently.


Things To Know Before Using Your Fridge

You can ensure your fridge works for you efficiently by starting it right. Take these precautions before using your fridge.


Step 1: Clean your Fridge
For hygienic reasons, clean your fridge throughly with a damp cloth before connecting refrigerator’s main plugs


Step 2: Cool your Fridge
For effective cooling operation, set fridge’s temperature controls to ‘MED’ position and leave it in ‘MED’ position for 24 hours. Temperature can be set to your own preference and controlled by your fridge thermostat after the initial 24 hours period.

Ideal Fridge Location and Ventilation Gaps

Insufficient ventilation might cause your refrigerator to work harder to keep cool. Here are a few recommended guidelines to ensure that your fridge operates at maximum efficiency.

Avoid placing your fridge under direct sunlight

Do not locate your fridge under sunlight or in humid areas as rust may form and may cause electrical leakage

Minimum Clearances for Good Ventilation

To ensure good ventilation, allow the fridge to have these minimum clearances from its surroundings:

3.6 cm clearance between the top of the fridge and the ceiling.

5cm clearance between the wall and the rear of the fridge.

3cm clearance from the side of the fridge and the wall.

Setting the right temperature for your fridge

Learn how to measure and set the right temperature settings for your fridge to ensure your food/storage items maintain their freshness and nutrients.


Ideal Freezer Temperature
Store your food safely and stop bacteria growth by keeping your freezer at the ideal temperature of 0°F (-18°C) .


Ideal Fridge Temperature
Fridge should have a temperature between 37F (3C) and 40F (5C). Any higher or any lower, your food may lose its freshness and nutrients

Measure your Fridge Temperature

Here are some quick and easy ways to measure the temperature of your refrigerator more accurately.


Measuring Freezer Temperature
Measure freezer temperature by placing the appliance thermometer in a cup of cooking oil or alcohol and position it in the middle of the unit. Check the temperature on the thermometer after 2 hours. Temperature should register between -18 C (0F) to 0C (32 F).


Measuring Fridge Temperature
Measure fridge temperature by placing appliance thermometer in a cup of water and position it in the middle of the unit. Check the temperature after 2 hours. Temperature should measure between 3C (37F) to 5C (40F).