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A spick and span machine – the secret to spotless washing

A spick and span machine – the secret to spotless washing

Would you use a soiled toothbrush to brush your teeth? Never, for the simple reason that it’s bad for your health. Similarly, a washer that is not cleaned regularly is bad for the health of your clothes. Achieve spotless washing and make your clothes last longer by following these simple tips.


Clean up your machine

With the heavy rigour your machine undergoes, it needs a thorough clean-up every once in a while to remove the mold, dirt and bad odour left behind by your dirty clothes.

Cleaning a front-load


Clean the gasket

Gaskets hold moisture that attract mold. Clean the rubber door gasket with hot soapy water using a clean towel. Don’t forget to wipe underneath and around as well.


Clean the dispensers

Stale detergent residue causes bad odour. Give a good scrubbing to the dispensers. Use a pipe cleaner to reach out to the crevices.


Run cleaning cycle

Run a self-cleaning cycle using warm water on the longest duration setting. Repeat cycle for best results.

Cleaning a top-load


Wipe the inside and outside

Use a soft microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the exterior and inside the drum. Don’t forget the crevices behind the knobs and the blades of the agitator.


Clean the dispensers

Like front loads, top loading washer also get dirty by left over detergent inside the dispenser. Make sure to clean thoroughly, scrubbing every corner and crevice.


Wash the drum

Finally, run a complete wash and rinse cycle. Top load washers tend to get dirtier, so use hot water for more effective cleaning. Repeat if necessary.

Use these awesome tips


Moisture is the root cause of mold and bad odours. Allow your machine to dry thoroughly between cycles by leaving the lid or door open for a few hours to ensure it gets enough air.


Add baking soda to the dispenser and pour the vinegar into the drum. Run a washing cycle at the hottest water setting. This will help sanitize your machine and remove lingering odours.

Control the shrinking

What looked like a perfect fit is now giving you fits? Control the shrinking of your clothes by using these simple tips:


Read the label

Follow the instructions on your clothes label. Most labels carry information on the right way to wash that will help limit the shrinking of clothes.


Adjust the dryer settings

A major reason why clothes shrink is because of the heat. Dry your clothes at lower temperatures and avoid heavy load settings.


If clothing shrinks in the wash

Spread the item out to its original size on an ironing board. Use dress pins to hold the size and shape. Then, use an iron to steam it and leave it to dry.

The do’s and don’ts of washing


Know the functions of your machine

An efficient wash is only possible if you know your machine well. Always thoroughly read up the user manual and familiarise yourself with the functions when you buy a new machine.


Wash in cold water whenever possible

Use hot water only to remove tough stains. For regular laundry, always use cold water. It’s easier on the clothes and protects their newness and shine.


Don’t overload your washer

Clothes need to swim freely in water for the stains and dirt to be scrubbed out. The more the clothes, the lesser the exposure to water and detergent.


Don’t wash everything together

Some fabrics run color even after many washes. Always best to separate your coloured clothes from whites before you do your laundry.