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Know The Fabrics, Know The Care

Know The Fabrics, Know The Care

Knowing your washer functions only solves one part of the laundry equation. With the right method to care for different fabric types, your clothes will be kept crisp and fresh with longer lifespan.


Caring for your delicates

Delicates are clothing that require careful handling and cleaning. Most people believe that such clothes need to be hand washed,
but the easier alternative is to simply use a washing machine. Read on to find out how to wash your delicates in washing machine without damaging them.


Use mild detergent as regular formula liquid detergents have chemical addictives that may harm delicate fibres


Put smaller loads into the washing machine as lighter weight reduces friction of fabric with each other


For added precaution, you may want to place your delicate items in a mesh lingerie bag before wash


Select wool/handwash/delicate programme on your machine as drums will spin gently in this function

Water Temperature

Using suitable wash temperature is important as it directly affects the performance of your detergent, wrinkling and lifespan of your clothes.


Use cool water for:
Cool water (27 degrees C) is great for delicates and dark or bright color clothes that may run or fade. It is also able to clean clothes that are lightly soiled with protein stains such as blood stains, dairy-based or bodily fluids stains.


Use warm water for:
Warm water (32 degree C) is great for cleaning moderately soiled clothes while lessening the chance that they will fade or shrink. Hence warm water is great for light coloured clothes that won’t run, regular and sturdy fabrics, towels, jeans, cottons, sheets, 100 percent man-made fibers and blends of natural and manmade fibres


Use hot water for:
Hot water (54 Degrees and above) sanitizes and kills germs better, dissolve detergents more effectively and remove built-up grime in clothes. Hence, it is good to clean clothes that are heavily soiled. However, it should only be used for clothes that can can retain its dye without shrinking or being damaged. Therefore, hot water is your best choice for white clothes, diapers, towels, and sturdy fabrics.

Quick Tips to Using your Washer

Using your washer isn’t all that complicated,  with some guidance you will be able to operate it right to meet your washing needs


Things to know before using your washer

Before you start using your washer, perform these initial checks to operate it right


Secure the water-supply hose


Turn on the water supply


Connect the power-ensure it's not located near water area


Make sure water-drain hose is positioned towards a drain

Before Initial Use

For appliance's initial operation, operate the Cotton programme with default temperature setting, (40 degree celcius) WITHOUT any detergent or clothing to rinse out residue or moisture. Once done, you can begin your usual wash.