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Make best use of your washing detergent

Learn to make best use of your washing detergent

Detergents and washing go hand in hand. Whether it is washing in machine or by hand, the efficacy of the wash is essentially determined by how effectively the detergents are used. Learn more about how they work on different fabrics and how to utilise them effectively to protect your clothes and make them last longer.


Rid the post-wash odours

Smelly clothes after a wash is a common problem. It may be because you are not using the right quantity of detergent. Too much can mean it's not rinsed fully, and too little might not be enough to clean the fabric thoroughly. Leaving the clothes out to dry near damp external walls could also contribute to mouldy odours. To fix this, dry your clothes in open spaces, away from walls, where they get enough sunlight and air.

Remove the excess detergent

Excess detergent causes the water to remain foamy even during the last rinsing cycles. Residual detergent left behind in clothes can cause bad odour and skin rashes. To counter this, pour some vinegar to the final rinse that will not only act as a deodoriser, but will also wash away the excess detergent.

One detergent doesn’t suit all

There are many different types of detergents formulated for different customer requirements. Some may be tough on stains while others may be more fragrant. Depending on specific individual needs, choose the one that is right for you. In addition, additives such as fabric whiteners, softeners and laundry starch can also be used to give clothes that brand new feel.

Look out for the care label

The care labels on clothes also provide information on the type of wash and detergent prescribed for the fabric. For delicate fabrics that require hand washing, always use purpose designed enzyme-free detergents that are mild on the clothes and safe for your hands.