Panasonic Kid Witness News & Eco Picture Diary Contest National Contest & Awards Ceremony 2018

Panasonic Malaysia announces winners for Kid Witness News & Eco Picture Diary Contest

Petaling Jaya, 22 November 2018 – Panasonic Malaysia is having its National Awards Ceremony for the Panasonic Kids School Programs - Panasonic Kid Witness News and Eco Picture Diary to honor and recognize students who have outstanding performances in these programs. Both programs are aimed to equip students with additional skills and to nurture the Eco Education into the minds of young generations through hands-on experience.

Kid Witness News (KWN) activities are currently being conducted in 16 different countries and regions around the world as part of Panasonic's educational support activities for the next generation. The objective of the program is to educate and help young students develop their skills and creativity with easy to use video equipment and to have a better understanding on digital technology through hands-on experience.

Panasonic Malaysia first introduced the KWN program through video education in 2005 and later on launched the Eco Picture Diary in 2011 through Panasonic Kids School program in the country.

Students aged 10 to 17 submitted their short film video with themes on Ecology, Communication and Sports for the Kid Witness News (KWN). Meanwhile, for Eco Picture Diary (EPD), students aged 10 to 16 submitted their 3-day picture diaries with entries on causes and effects of global warming, biodiversity, eco-technology and eco lifestyles. The KWN students are required to complete the entire production process by themselves, from planning to investigation, filming and editing.

With grand winners of KWN & EPD and Trainers of Panasonic KWN & EPD

With grand winners of KWN & EPD and Trainers of Panasonic KWN & EPD

 “Over these years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our customers and partners through this educational support globally. As a part of the company corporate social responsibility initiatives, Panasonic Malaysia constantly finding ways to minimize our environmental footprint, tackle climate change and inspire others to do the same.” said Cheng Chee Chung, Managing Director Panasonic Malaysia.

“We feel honored to continuously provide platforms for students to showcase their creativity as well as enhance their skills development and teamwork. At the same time, we hope the programs will inspire the students to continue paying attention to our environment.” Cheng added.

This year, Panasonic Kid Witness News has received an overwhelming participation with a total of 19 schools and 76 students. 28 videos were submitted by schools nationwide and 10 videos were selected to enter the final. As for Eco Picture Diary, 30 students have been shortlisted to compete in the final among the 400 students from 25 schools in this year’s contest.

With KWN Grand Prize winners SJK Chung Hua Buso Sarawak and SMK Tok Janggut Pasir Puteh Kelantan

With KWN Grand Prize winners SJK Chung Hua Buso Sarawak and SMK Tok Janggut Pasir Puteh Kelantan

“It’s always our pleasure to work with Panasonic Malaysia on the Kid Witness News (KWN) and Eco Picture Diary (EPD) programs. Both programs created a great platform for the students to build their interest and professional skills that a classroom alone cannot always foster.” said Rozainum Ahmad, Director Co-Curricular and Arts Division of Ministry of Education Malaysia.

The Kid Witness News (KWN) training was conducted between 15 – 17 August at Holiday Villa Subang this year. Every participant had the opportunities to learn about the knowledge and skills that related to video production. This directly helps to develop their creativity and confidence. As for this year, there are more than 16 schools involved in the training since it first launched in 2005.

During the awards ceremony, winners brought back home with exclusive trophy and prizes from Panasonic Malaysia. Additionally, winners for the KWN contest will also represent Malaysia for the Global contest video submission which will be held in Japan in 2019.

With top winners of Panasonic EPD 2018

With top winners of Panasonic EPD 2018

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