Notice of Imitations, Counterfeit & Parallel Imported Goods


Panasonic Malaysia is aware of the sales and manufacturing of imitation, counterfeit and parallel imported goods by unauthorised distributors, especially via online marketplaces, to unsuspecting customers in Malaysia.

While the company continues to investigate the sources, we must warn customers of the quality, functionality, reliability and safety risks associated with the use of the above-mentioned products. Here is the information video for your reference:

Panasonic Malaysia caution customers not to purchase products from any source other than those available on our official website. Products purchased from unauthorised dealers/distributors and/or the ownership of such unauthorised products will not be eligible for the company warranty and shall not implicate Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. of any regulatory implications/liabilities.

If you are interested to purchase Panasonic products in Malaysia, our authorized dealers and distributors are listed here:

Panasonic Customer Care Service and Product Warranty* are provided solely for all genuine Panasonic products purchased from Panasonic Malaysia and our authorised dealers or distributors.

We welcome any enquiries regarding the purchase of genuine Panasonic products.

For related enquiries, please address it to

* Terms and conditions apply.

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