Panasonic Brings the Ultimate Home Theatre and Gaming Experience with New Range of OLED and 4K LED TVs

Panasonic Brings the Ultimate Home Theatre and Gaming Experience with New Range of OLED and 4K LED TVs

The latest range of TVs features six new models across four series and features the latest technology and improved functions to deliver unparalleled picture quality for an immersive viewing and gaming experience

Petaling Jaya, 9 October 2023 - Panasonic Malaysia today announces its latest and newest range of six TVs, adding to its comprehensive range of home entertainment solutions that meet the demand for high-definition entertainment today. The new range consists of four series:

Flagship OLED TV for 2023
● MZ2000 series – 65-inch (TH-65MZ2000K) and 77-inch (TH-77MZ2000K) Flagship 4K LED TVs
● MX950 Mini LED series – 65-inch (TH-65MX950K), and 75-inch (TH-75MX950K)
● MX940 Full Array LED series – 50-inch (TH-50MX940K)
● MX800 4K Google TV series – 85-inch (TH-85MX800K)

The new range of televisions has been improved with the latest technology and features. Get ready for stunning picture quality, sound that surrounds you, gaming that is smoother than ever and all the convenience and accessibility that you could wish for. It's all about turning your living room into a personal cinema or gaming hub! This aligns perfectly with Panasonic’s brand action tagline, "Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.", which places high emphasis on enriching holistic well-being and helping people live their best lives through beneficial, high-quality products.

“Our lifestyles today revolve around digital devices, whether for work, leisure, shopping or entertainment. Customers have higher expectations as their enjoyment of entertainment is partly driven by an excellent viewing experience that is immersive and has superb picture quality and sound. The designs and improvements to the new range of TVs this year follow a key guiding principle – “See It All. Feel It All.”, which encompasses the essence of the entertainment and gaming experience we would like to deliver to customers,” said Keisuke Nishida, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

Nishida further commented, “The new range of TVs launched also falls under ‘Spatial Wellbeing’, one of the three areas of wellbeing of our brand action tagline. ‘Spatial Wellbeing’ is about creating the best experiential and comfortable living atmosphere at home. Our brand action tagline of “Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.” inspires us to continue designing the right products and solutions catered to our customers’ various lifestyle needs.”

The Ultimate Home Theatre Experience and Superb Gaming Experience with the Flagship MZ2000 OLED TV

Available in 65-inch (TH-65MZ2000K), and 77-inch (TH-77MZ2000K) sizes, the MZ2000 series brings you the ultimate home theatre experience with a new era of OLED expression and brightness using Panasonic’s new custom module Master OLED Ultimate. This custom module features a state-of-the-art panel with a Micro Lens Array, combined with a new multi-layer heat management configuration developed. The result is a major step-up in brightness, with peak brightness increases of approximately 150%, and average brightness also improved compared to last year’s models.

With the HCX Pro AI Processor, the MZ2000 delivers truly accurate colour, striking contrast, and pin-sharp clarity, great for fast-moving action. The unique AI processing performs genre analysis, automatically optimising both image and sound quality, resulting in a personalised viewing experience.

Panasonic OLEDs are widely used in filmmaker studios in Hollywood in post-production and are now being brought into your home for cinema-quality viewing. The new MZ2000 OLED combines a brand-new panel and module, with Panasonic’s technical accuracy, made possible by Japanese know-how and engineering, and the colour-tuning skills of Stefan Sonnenfeld, one of the world’s leading colourists in the Hollywood film industry.

The MZ2000 also features an improved Filmmaker Mode that ensures viewers can enjoy their content exactly as the artist intended – whether they’re watching in a purpose-built cinema room or a family living space. The upgraded ambient colour temperature sensing ensures accurate picture reproduction in any lighting conditions. For example, by lowering the temperature in response to warmly lit conditions, or brightening the dark tones in extremely light environments.

Gamers have also turned to bigger screens for a more immersive gaming experience, as well as to benefit from the advanced rendering technologies and superfast load times. The MZ2000 series is NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible. When connected to a system using a NVIDIA RTX graphics card, it automatically optimises input lag and VRR settings where gamers can enjoy tear- and stutter-free gaming experience validated and certified by NVIDIA on a TV.

Furthermore, the new True Game Mode brings all the colour accuracMC-SBM20 is lightweight and easy to use by the whole family, even children. Imagine the fun house cleaning moments where young ones can participate together.y features used in the movie industry into the world of gaming, while improved HDR Tone Mapping delivers source-oriented expression from the gaming device. In addition, True Game Mode features the Portrait Displays’ Calman® Color calibration software – the de facto standard in the world of content creation, distribution and playback; reproducing games as intended by their creators. Meanwhile, Dolby Vision®2 unlocks the most lifelike game visuals.

For MZ2000, the Bass Booster algorithm has been upgraded to allow users to enjoy truly dynamic sound to the next level through Panasonic’s 360° Soundscape all-in-one TV audio package tuned by Technics, with Dolby Atmos®2 that allows you to experience incredible sound that surrounds you from all angles, making your entertainment and gaming come to life in every direction.

The MZ2000 comes with three Sound Focus modes: Pinpoint Mode, which allows the sound to be directed to one specific point; Area Mode, which lets you shift the sound to a group of people in a specific area of the room; and Spot Mode, which boosts the volume in one spot while allowing other to still hear the sound.

Directional sound unlocks a plethora of benefits. Parents with young children sleeping behind a wall on one side of the room can direct the sound away from them so that the children can sleep peacefully while still allowing the parents to enjoy great sound. And it doesn't stop there – for those who might be hard of hearing, the ability to boost the volume ensures everyone enjoys the experience!

Experience the Next Generation in Stunning Halo-Free Picture Quality with the MX950 Mini LED TV

Panasonic’s flagship 4K LED TV under the MX950 series features a new LED LCD Panel, the Mini LED that delivers brighter pictures with stunning contrast through direct backlighting using thousands of LED. Be prepared to be amazed by a super HDR cinema-quality display that will redefine your viewing experience. 

The MX950 series also features Panasonic’s Local Dimming Ultra that reproduces high-contrast images with deep black and high brightness, thus reducing the “halo effect”.

Not forgetting that sound is key in creating an immersive entertainment experience, the MX950 series is equipped with a built-in woofer and integrated speakers that enable a Dynamic Theatre Sound that takes you from the sofa to the heart of the movie.

For gaming, the MX950 series features the NVIDIA GPU Detect/SPD Auto Game Mode to deliver a perfect gameplay experience. This game mode has an automatic detection of compatible HDMI2.1 4K High Resolution and Faster Refresh Rates (HFR) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) that automatically optimises input lag and VRR settings.

Endless Viewing Choices with the MX800 4K Google TV

For individuals or families seeking an all-in-one TV experience, the 85-inch MX800 4K Google TV (TH-85MX800K) is the ideal addition to the home. Stepping it up with Panasonic’s high picture quality, the MX800 4K Google TV brings together your favourite movies and shows from across your streaming service subscriptions into one place with a content-first UI. It also offers easy access to over 10,000 apps and personalised entertainment through curated recommendations to everyone at home.

Iconic features such as Google Assistant, Chromecast, Google TV app and video calls are available in the MX800 4K Google TV.

All of the new TV series across MZ2000, MX950, MX940 and MX800 also feature a Bluetooth Audio Link to enable users to easily connect the TV to up to two wireless speakers or headphones.

TV models under the MZ2000, MX950 and MX940 series support a wide range of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision IQ™, HDR10+ Adaptive, 4K Fine Remaster, Dynamic HDR Effect to bring the entertainment we watch at home into the HDR world.

The new TVs are available for purchase starting September 2023 at Panasonic authorized dealers with prices starting from RM2,699.

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