Petaling Jaya, 9 October 2014 - Pursuing the concept of "A Better Life, A Better World" in coherent with the very core essence of Panasonic’s basic management philosophy, Panasonic has been leading the thrust in many captivating propositions and solutions to improve the lives of people around the world, and the further progress of society.

Echoing this sentiment in Malaysia, Panasonic continues to embark on expanding and creating a better life for each customer, together with its partners to realize a better living environment through our contribution to the environment and our activities. Having a long and rich history in Malaysia, Panasonic will not stop to continue to deliver top-notch products and services.

In 1965, Panasonic first set foot in Malaysia as a manufacturer, bringing the then state of the art manufacturing technologies into the nation. Subsequently in 1976 a Sales & Service company or now known as Panasonic Malaysia was established to play a key role in providing a plethora of electrical & electronic products to several generations of household consumers, infusing Panasonic as ‘the household brand’ in Malaysia B2C market. Right before the end of the previous millennia, Panasonic embarked on solution business & progressively escalated their competencies & professionalism in advanced solutions ranging from security, communication, audio visual, documents and recently total energy solutions in the B2B sector.

“At this coming IGEM2014 & beyond, Panasonic Malaysia alongside their building technology company called PanaHome Malaysia, shall be striving towards a new platform of propositions - in the form of sustainable home buildings & township developments” said Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia.

Breaking away from the perceptive context of being just an electrical & electronic products supplier to households & industries across Malaysia for decades, Panasonic in cohesion with their dynamic building technology arm by the name of PanaHome has now molded a whole new dimension towards the values that would redefine Panasonic in the country.

PanaHome has a strong heritage in Japan as a builder with more than 50 years of experience. Recently PanaHome has strategicall y started expanding to the overseas market, where Taiwan & Malaysia being the initial pilot market to be invested in. Upon establishing PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2012 & the official opening of a showhouse in Bangsar last year, PanaHome has indeed laid several local projects & prospects down the pipeline. Among the pilot projects are a boutique development in Kuantan, a high end bungalow in collaboration with Gasing Sanctuary Ridge, a high rise investment in Sentul and etc.

Managing Director of PanaHome Malaysia, Toshiro Baba said “Sales revenue wise, PanaHome alongside the support of Panasonic shall be aiming to achieve RM 30 Million for the Malaysia market by this year.”

“PanaHome Malaysia also aims to grow towards the ultimate target of RM 450 Million in the local market by year 2018” added Baba.

The statement by both Panasonic Malaysia and PanaHome Malaysia through the participation in the exhibition is to holistically present the framework & realistic execution of a smart & sustainable township that sternly prioritizes on community lifestyle and sustainable living before underpinning the advanced technology-based infrastructure.

Panasonic would like to project the imagination but yet pragmatic green township of the future driven by the essential flairs of harmonious space design, revolutionary approach of home building structures, renewable energy systems, advanced mobility, embedded healthcare, security and emergencies. The showcase shall prove that such townships of the future are no longer within the framework of conceptualization but rather a proven reality, as evident through the various successful project developments by Panasonic and PanaHome in Japan, China & some promising pipelines in Malaysia.

Panasonic & PanaHome showcase during IGEM2014 shall be divided into 3 main segments:

1. Townships & Concept of Smart Sustainable Township Development (SST)

• Eco Declaration to reduce 8 Million tons of CO2 emission by year 2016 in Asia Pacific

• Japan Project Case Study 1: Fujisawa Smart & Sustainable Township

• Japan Project Case Study 2: Ashiya Solar-Shima Township project

• China Project Case Study: Dalian BEST (Biodiverse Emerging Science Technology) City

• Local Project 1: Kuantan PanaHome Development Project

• Local Project 2: Bungalow at Gasing Sanctuary Ridge

2. Home Structural & Interior Concept Showcase

• PanaHome pre-fabricated high quality structural & construction concept such as PowerTech & Wall Pre-Cast system that allows swift construction

• PURE Tech feature which emphasizes on indoor air quality solutions embedded within the building structure, in pursue towards a healthy indoor environment

• PanaHome wall intersection & composition which involves insulation, framing, layering, finishing and protection.

• Concept of Smart Home Energy Systems with energy monitoring & device controls using the platform of Green Room System

• Kitchen System Solutions (integrated with Panasonic ‘Shi-Ma-U’ kitchen storage devices, econavi appliances & key ‘Panasonic Cooking’ products such as the breadmaker, espresso machine & microwave)

• Panasonic housing devices & fittings, notably the ‘Veritis’ range of products that consists of textured laminate flooring, rotational shoe rack, doors, system staircase, clothes hanger & wall screen)

3. Exterior of Home Showcase

• KIRA Tech feature using self cleaning photocatalytic tiles that can be cleansed just by rain water and the unique capability of breaking down toxic NOx in the air

• Full solar roof top powered by Panasonic HIT Solar modules, currently holding the record of world’s highest cell conversion efficiency of 25.6%

• Rain water gutter system

• Electric Vehicle Charging system in collaboration with *Nissan Leaf, courtesy of Edaran Tan Chong Motors

• Panasonic japanese style post box incorporated with video intercom for security

*Courtesy of Edaran Tan Chong Motors & their commitment towards eco-mobility, the Nissan LEAF is a stylish zero-emission vehicle that provides excellent driving performance that can be powered by Panasonic ELSEEV EV Charger. Currently the best-selling Electric Vehicle (EV) in history, with more than 120,000 units sold globally to-date, the Nissan Leaf is now available for the Malaysian public. The Nissan Leaf is highly economical to run, about 75% cheaper than the fuel cost of running a petrol- powered equivalent (based on current electricity rates in Malaysia). Maintenance is also cheap based on 80% savings over a 5-year period as compared to its petrol-powered equivalent. In this IGEM2014, for the first time the white Nissan Leaf shall be showcased instead of the blue version.

Panasonic truly believes that a home that nurtures lives inside and maintains harmony with the environment outside, today and in future, is an asset of pride for the family, community and ultimately, the world. Through this participation in IGEM 2014, Panasonic wants to reinforce the commitment of providing communities in Malaysia, “A Better Life, A Better World” through the various technologies and advancement that is available.

According to Tan Chee Hon, General Manager of Eco Innovation Department, “The net take away we want our visitors to have is that Panasonic Malaysia together with PanaHome Malaysia will be able to provide the full & complete framework of a SST, which consists of a smart concept of a PanaHome (complete build-up of a home), which is fitted with high quality and green fittings together with innovative and advanced Panasonic Life Soluitons.”

Come visit the Panasonic/PanaHome ‘A Better Life, A Better World’ Showcase at the upcoming IGEM 2014 (International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia), from 16 - 19 October 2014 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, to learn more about Panasonic Smart & Sustainable Townships, aspiring lifestyles and the next generation of housing technology by PanaHome.

About Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a sales, service and marketing company for the Panasonic brand of electrical and electronic products ranging from audio visuals, home appliances, air conditioners, digital and video cameras, professional broadcasting equipment, business systems, telecommunications, health and beauty care to batteries and lightings. All Panasonic products are available through our authorized dealers nationwide. For more information on Panasonic brand and products, visit our website at or call our Customer Care Centre at 03-7953 7600.

About PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd

PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an affiliated sister company providing building technologies & solutions revolving the concept of pre-fabrication & sustainable design. PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd has been pursuing ideal housing with a constant focus on the future of energy and environment in order to help customers bring their dream homes to life. By marshalling its exceptional design capabilities, cultivated over 50 years in the Japan housing industry, and the advanced energy technologies of the Panasonic Group, PanaHome offers smart lifestyles for the next generation enabling people to live comfortably while preserving the environment. Through the expansion of smart solutions from individual homes to entire towns, PanaHome seeks to enhance “Eco & Smart” lifestyles in a wide range of business activities, including home remodeling and asset management services. Leveraging their comprehensive strengths to respond to the needs of each and every one of our customers, PanaHome is committed in contributing to lifestyle and society in the future.

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