Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific Hosts the Inaugural Developers’ Forum

• The Forum aims for stronger partnerships with developers in Asia to enhance asset value and productivity
• Showcase of a holistic suite of solutions for greener and smarter residential and commercial developments

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (29 September 2015) – Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific hosted a Developers’ Forum today in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The forum was attended by almost 100 leading real estate developers from Asia. The event provides a platform for industry knowledge sharing and networking, with the aim to enhance partnerships between Panasonic and real estate developers.

Real estate developers face a host of challenges. Besides having to contain rising costs, there is also an increasing pressure to look at minimising environmental impact yet having to constantly innovate to deliver value to customers and differentiate from competition.

By 2030, Asia will consume 45 percent of world energy contributed largely by buildings. The unprecedented urbanization rate in Asia has given rise to the use of smart building technologies to minimize climate change impact1.

Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Philippines. The Malaysian authorities have been encouraging developers to invest more into green buildings through initiatives such as the Green Building Index (GBI).

Panasonic recognised the challenges faced by developers and has been partnering developers to create new housing solutions. It is one of the few companies capable of offering a holistic suite of products and solutions ranging from home appliances, security, energy management systems to infrastructure including solar panels.

“We are delighted to host the first Developers’ Forum in Malaysia. We hope more real estate developers and partners can understand how Panasonic’s solutions can meet end to end requirements of developers through this event. We hope to partner with developers to create smarter and greener communities enabled by innovative technology,” Wilfred Wee, Executive Vice-president of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific, said. “The digital age has dramatically changed the way we live, and it looks set to also change the way we build. Buildings are immovable and inflexible assets with limitations in adapting to changing needs, but with smart building technology, building owners and operators will see improved operational efficiency, water and energy savings and a reduction in carbon footprint,” he added.

Keynote speakers at the Forum include:

• Mr. Tai Lee Siang, Vice Chairman, World Green Building Council; Group Managing Director, Ong & Ong Pte Ltd
• Mr. Kohjiroh Wakabayashi, Managing Director, PanaHome Asia Pacific. Architect, Project Manager of Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (FSST)

At the conference, Mr Tai shared his views on how buildings that mirror the attributes of mobile devices can be designed and constructed such that they are customisable, portable, scalable and life-enhancing.

A case study of the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, was presented by Mr Wakabayashi. The town is a joint project by both private and government sectors, spearheaded by Panasonic in collaboration with other partners.

The Forum also featured four zones where Panasonic solutions were showcased – Living Zone (residential and hospitality), Retail Zone (malls), Infrastructure Zone and the PanaHome Zone (housing). Please refer to Annex A for more details of the featured solutions in each zone. For more information, please visit

Find out more about Panasonic’s technological capabilities in the construction and housing industries here:

About Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific
Based in Singapore, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific is the B2B solutions division of Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, the South East Asia and Pacific (APAC) subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific delivers B2B solutions for government and commercial enterprises of all sizes that cover unified business communications, mobile computing, data storage, security and surveillance, retail point-of-sale, visual communications (projectors, professional displays, digital signage) and imaging network solutions (broadcast and professional video).

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Living Zone (residential and hospitality)
Solutions featured in this zone cover residential as well as hospitality developments. The showcase demonstrates how Panasonic technologies and solutions are enablers in transforming these areas into smart living spaces.

Key Solutions
1) Panasonic Wireless Home Network System
The solution does not just cover home monitoring but a full suite of devices that integrates home control, home security and communication. This gives home owners peace of mind that their most valued asset remains in a safe haven for them, 24/7.

2) Panasonic Hostel Energy Management System (HoEMS)
Information is power, and the analytics from the system gives real-time information on the energy consumption within the living space. This puts control of energy consumption in the hands of the owners and promote conservation awareness and potential energy savings. HoEMS falls under the umbrella of Panasonic’s proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) which can be utilised in various spaces such as commercial buildings (e.g. Panasonic Green Room System), residential apartments (e.g. Home Energy Management System) and communal living areas like hostels and dormitories.

3) Panasonic Green Room System
Through sensors in the living space, the green room system manages energy consumption intuitively by switching off devices and appliances when one leaves the room.

4) Panasonic Appliances
The Panasonic brand is well entrenched in every household with the wide range of quality electrical appliances that offers the modern comforts, convenience and even personal care in everyday routines.

Retail Zone
The challenges in today’s retail spaces are not just tenant satisfaction but also finding new ways to attract and engage shoppers, which enhances bargaining power for developers. Solutions featured in this zone will help provide avenues to deliver that exceptional shopper experience.

Key Solutions
1) Window Display Solution
Traditional windows displays are often static and limited in creating an impression. Panasonic’s Window Display Solution helps deliver the story behind the product and far more effective in creating an emotional engagement between shoppers and the product.

2) Space Player
Designed like a spotlight and a small size projector, space player is the perfect fit for retail spaces. Retail spaces can be instantly refreshed with new contents of videos, text or lighting without the need for constant changes in fixtures and decorations.

3) Light ID
This feature presents a new avenue to drive promotions and traffic for tenants. Direct mailers and information on digital signage are passive advertising and does not track responses from shoppers. Light ID pushes information on shoppers’ mobile device simply with detection of the light source.

4) Security Surveillance & Analytics
Panasonic has brought security surveillance functionality to a higher level with our 4K and 360 cameras. More importantly, this feature gives property management the power of data to understand shoppers’ behaviour through people counting and heat mapping solution. With such data, it would be a breeze to show shopper traffic in any location with the mall and get buy-in from tenants.

5) Digital Display Panels
Panasonic’s outdoor display panels provide the advertising avenue to highlight key tenants or generate visibility in the jungle of retail spaces. Indoor cloud display panels communicate with shoppers and can help to direct traffic to specific areas of promotion, delivering the shoppers to the tenants.

6) VRF Smart Cloud
The new cloud system from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of all your installation. With one simple click, all units from several locations receive status updates in real time preventing breakdown and optimizing cost.

Infrastructure Zone
Solutions featured in this zone offer property developers an idea of how they can optimize operations and enhance efficiency through smart building management technology.

Key Solutions
1) License Plate Recognition Solution
This is car park management combined with security functionality, giving property management more control in providing access to shoppers and visitors.

2) Solar Panel
Renewable resources are the sustainable way of operation and the optimal conversion efficiency maximizes the investment in the hardware.

PanaHome Zone
The solutions showcased in this zone demonstrate how residential developments can become more than just an investment, but instead are lifestyle choices for discerning buyers who care about the environment and want a peace of mind.

Key Solutions
1) Panasonic PURETECH Green Ventilation & Cooling
The system combines ECONAVI ventilation with air conditioning. Equipped with intelligent sensors, it can detect different levels of human activity, as well as inactivity, and also sunlight intensity, to adjust cooling power around the home, maintaining cooling comfort while saving energy. 

2) Panasonic KIRATECH Self-Cleaning Tiles
KIRATECH tiles have advanced hydrophilic and decomposition capabilities which enable them to self-clean when exposed to outdoor elements. This not only reduces the cost of maintenance but also minimises the use of aggressive, polluting detergents and solvents.

3) Fujisawa SST
While other competitors still talk about building smart home, Panasonic has already built a community in Japan with the opening of Fujisawa SST in November 2014. The case study does not just feature a smart town but the birth of a closely-knitted community who prides themselves in owning and ensuring the sustainability of the town and not just a lifestyle choice to stay in Fujisawa.

Participants at the Forum will get to see how Fujisawa SST was designed and built based on a 100-year vision of sustainable nurturing and development. Today, it serves as a model for future towns and is now home to 1,000 households. The case study demonstrates the full range of solutions that Panasonic offers in the development of smart cities. Shops in Fujisawa SST utilize large, lamp-free, signage applications such as projection mapping and interactive display panels to draw in traffic. A community platform that allows in-depth and accurate relay of real-time information is also set up to provide timely information on discounts and promotions. The hospitality sector in Fujisawa SST is replete with a whole range of technology-centric applications – from displays, surveillance and security, mobile computing solutions, business communication systems to entertainment solutions.

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