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Advertising of ECONATINO

From past experience, Panasonic understands the difficulties of balancing an ecologically-friendly existence against the demands of economic prosperity. Enriching people's lives naturally requires technology for new and better products. But it is not enough just to come up with ideas for better living. Panasonic wants to help realise a mature society in which individuals collectively grow together, where everyone can enjoy a fulfilling life that is safe and secure. Panasonic also envisions a sustainable society which is in harmony with nature.With these goals in mind, Panasonic makes this pledge as our commitment to be Malaysia's partner on the journey to becoming a developed nation that is also environmentally sustainable:"Malaysia – a nation advancing towards an ideal balance of progressive development and respect for the natural environment. It is a balance that is represented by the concept of an ECONATION, where the people adopt a more sustainable way of life for a more promising future.As a global leader in green technology, Panasonic is working hand in hand with all Malaysians by providing total energy solutions to help fully realise Malaysia's transformation into an ECONATION.It is a vision that facilitates energy creation utilising solar power, and energy conservation using efficient, intelligent appliances. This is just one part of Panasonic's global 360° energy management programme that helps people efficiently create, store, save and manage energy without compromising on everyday comforts. Such is Panasonic's commitment to Malaysia, an ECONATION of the future. Together, we can make a difference.“