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Question1. Why does the vegetable compartment have excessive moisture?

This could be due to hot, humid weather; ensure that the food is wrapped properly. Another possible reason is dependant on the type and quantity of vegetables . However , the latest design of the vegetable compartment creates a humid condition in the vegetable compartment in order to prolong fresher vegetables, thus condensation is inevitable during humid weather.

Question2. How much food can be placed in the refrigerator?

We don't limit the volume of the food. But it is necessary not to block the air vents of the refrigerator with the food. Not using full amount of volume can give you better cooling efficiency due to good air distribution. With fully packed food in the refrigerator, it will reduce the cooling performance due to a restricted air distribution.

Question3. How does the external wall of the refrigerator cabinet get rather warm sometimes?

The external wall of the refrigerator cabinet may sometimes get quite warm,especially just after installation. This is not a defect of the refrigerator,it is due to the mullion dryer pipe, pumping hot freon gas around the cabinetto prevent "sweating" on the external wall of the cabinet.

Question4. Why is the refrigerator noisy?

It may be normal. There are many "normal" refrigerator sounds. All refrigeratorscan have different types of sounds. Due to high speed compressors , its capacityand other features. One of the obvious sound could be when the fan motor is running,especially with bigger refrigerators. Another sound occurs during defrosting- the melting of the ice/frost in the evaporator gives the crackling sound, attimes this can be heard. Sizzling sound can sometimes be heard due to the drippingof the water onto the heating element during a defrost cycles

Question5. Does the freezer get warmer during self-defrost?

Yes, The freezer temperature increases during the defrost cycle. This is normal and doesn't affect the quality of the food in the freezer.

Question6. Why is there water condensation on the side of the refrigerator door gasket?

Door did not close properly, please check whether any food or bottles etc. is obstructing the door from closing.

Question7. The refrigerator has light but it is not cold.

There is power supply. However, you need to check the following parts: fan motor, door switch, thermostat, defrost timer, compressor, and possible gas leaking.

Question8. Why is the refrigerator/freezer compartment warm?

The defrost timer could be faulty. OR the starting relay could be faulty. OR the thermostat could be faulty.

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Necessary distance from walls.

There should be a space no less than 5 cm from right and left side of the refrigerator, and no less than 30 cm from the top. This is for both effective energy saving and decrease heat emitted out.
Do not put any cover over the cabinet, such as lace, vinyl sheet, etc. otherwise heat emitting effect drop resulting in poor performance and overheated compressor. The outside cabinet may get warm due to heat emitting, it is not a sign of malfunction.

Avoid extreme heat.

Place your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from heat source such as radiators and range of cooking appliances.

Proper electrical installation of the refrigerator.

Be sure to ground the refrigerator and do not use a 2 pin plug which does not have proper earthing.
Place refrigerator near to the electrical outlet so that you do not have to use an extension cord.
Use the proper voltage as indicated on a label placed at the door or at the back of the cabinet.

Safety precaution.

Do not splash water on the refrigerator, as it would cause an electric current leakage or malfunction of some electrical components.
Do not use flammable sprays such as lacquer and paint near the refrigerator as it would cause an explosion.
Never store explosives and chemicals inside or near the refrigerator as they could explode.
Should you want to dispose off your refrigerator, DO remove the door completely as a safeguard against small children being trapped inside the refrigerator.