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BAYU 4 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M14D9 CG (56")

F-M14D9 CG


The BAYU ceiling fan provides you with natural breeze and comfortable temperature management for your home.

• Enhanced safety features
• Remote control with 3-preset speed selection
• 1, 3, 6-hour off and sleep timer

F-M14D9 CG


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Convenient - Remote Controller

Ease of use
Control fan functions with a simple touch of your finger.

Ease of flexibility
Preset your fan shut off after selected time range, regardless of selected speed.

On/Off Button
Press On/Off Button to activate or deactivate the ceiling fan

Speed Button
From slow speed to cooling environment in three easy speeds selection

Off Timer Button
1-6 hours Off Timer setting

Sleep Mode Button
Sleep Timer function. To gradually reduce fan speed according to the time setting

Cancel Button
To cancel Sleep mode or to cancel Off Timer




Caring - Sleep Mode

These fan are equipped with Sleep Mode, by which fan speed and timer will gradually reduce until the fan is off. This function not only creates an optimal sleeping environment but also enhances energy saving as well.

* Note:
Sleep mode is disabled at speed 1 and 1 hour setting. Operation patter will be different subject to different model and setting, please refer to the operation instruction for details.

Reliable - Multi-Level Safety Protection

Thermal Safety Fuse
Against fire hazard, prevents electric shocks and protects motor from current surge.

Current Fuse
Prevent current leakage or abnormal current.

Safety wire
Safety wire secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook to prevent detachment of the fan motor from rod.

Cut-off Safety Switch
Cut off power supply while detecting dangerous wear and tear of the shaft or bolt.

Blade Safety Plate
A fall prevention plate is installed on the blade to prevent fan blade to detach and dropping from the ceiling in case it damages.


BAYU 4 Blade Ceiling Fan F-M14D9 CG (56")
Remote Control
1414mm (W) x 468.37mm (H)
Champagne Gold

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