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Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device EH-SC50-P451


Micro-foam and Soft Brush Effectively Remove Dirt and Oil from Skin

Deeply cleanse and purify pores without irritating your skin
- Warm Make up Removal
- Brush and Foam Cleansing
- Foam Cleansing
- Waterproof


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Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device EH-SC50-P451
Instant Micro-Foam Generation
in approx. 6 sec
Ultra-Fine Bristle Brush Deeply Unclogging Pores
Total Cleansing with a Single Unit
From warm make up removal to foam cleansing, with a single unit

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How to use Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device EH-SC50
Complete skin care from make up removal to cleansing – all with a single unit. Micro-foam and a soft brush with micro-tip bristles thoroughly cleanse clogged pores and keratinized cells for smoother skin, with that refreshing post-wash feeling.

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