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Portable Sterilization Spray DL-SP006EN-W


Portable Sterilization Spray

Panasonic Portable Sterilizer’s electrolysis method produces sodium hypochlorite to penetrate deep into bacteria cells, eliminates up to 99.99%* bacteria.
* Certified by SGS Test report number: CRSSA/201252411-CA52253 * Eliminating bacteria rate: ≥99.99% (Escherichia coli (ATCC 8739), Salmonella enterica (ATCC14028), Staphylococcus aereus (ATCC6538)) based on USP51 test method
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99.99% Bacteria Elimination
Without Alcohol

99.99% Bacteria Elimination Without Alcohol
The non-alcohol sterilization technology uses direct boost of powerful, electrolyzed water-sodium chloride that is all-natural, low in salt, and tested by third party test lab.*
* Effects of hypochlorous acid produced by this product
● Suppresses the growth of clothing bacteria【TestIng Laboratory】TechnoScience Co., Ltd. [Test Method] Sprayed electrolyzed water three times on a piece of cloth (5 cm×5 cm) in which the fungus solution was indented, and calculated the disinfection rate after stilling for 60 seconds (our prescribed test method) [Disinfection Method] Sprayed electrolyzed water [target part] Clothing [Test Result] After 60 seconds, 99.99% suppression ● Suppression of bacteria adhering to stool seats, tables, etc.【TestIng Laboratory】TechnoScience Co., Ltd. [Test method] After spraying electrolyzed water 5 times on a plate dried with fungus solution and wiping it with gauze (5 cm×12.7 cm 1 round trip), 3 Calculate the disinfection rate by stilling for 0 seconds (test method specified by our company) [Disinfection Method] Spray electrolyzed water and wipe it off [target part] toilet seat, table, etc. [Test Result] After 30 seconds, 99.99% suppression

Gentle on Skin

Effective on high-touch items/areas such as mobile phones, seats, doors and handles. Ideal for everyday use, and safe on personal items for children and baby.
Gentle on Skin

Anytime Protection

Compared to liquid gel, the sterilization formula cover more areas. It is non-flammable, rinse-free, non-sticky, non-residue, lightweight and portable to go anywhere, anytime with you.
Anytime Protection

Easy to Refill

Easily refill with individually-packed replenishment fluid (DL-SP10) to reduce the risk of contamination during replacements.
Every (5ml) replenishment fluid produce approximately 40-50 sprays.

Easy to Refill

How It Works in Just 1 Minute


Pour the individually packed replenishment fluid (DL-SP10) into the sterilization spray.


Press and hold the button for 2 seconds, and when the indicator blue light flashes, keep the product in an upright position, and electrolysis begins.


During electrolysis, the indicator blue light flashes 30 times and the electrolysis lasts for 1 minute. After the flash stops, electrolysis is finished, and product can be used for direct spraying.

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Photo of Portable Sterilization Spray DL-SP006EN-W

Size and Weight


* Approximate weight is without battery and fluid.

99.99% Bacteria Elimination Without Alcohol

Gentle on Skin

Lightweight & Portable

Easy to Refill

Product name

  • Panasonic Portable Sterilization Spray


  • DL-SP006EN-W

Rated voltage

  • 1.5V (AAA Alkaline Battery x 1)

Fluid capacity

  • about 5ml (to use only Panasonic replenishment fluid DL-SP10)


  • about 20 x 19 x 154 mm


  • 34g


  • Package comes with 10x 5ml replenishment fluid, batteries are not included.

Sterilization rate

  • ≥99% (Escherichia coli (ATCC 8739),
    Salmonella enterica (ATCC14028), Staphylococcus aereus (ATCC6538)*


  • *According to SGS Test Report CRSSA/201252411-CA52253, sterilization rate 99.99% based on USP51 test method

Precautions for use

  • ● Do not spray directly into mouth, nasal cavity, ears or eyes.
    ● Do not put any solution other than the dedicated replenishment fluid into the main body to electrolyze.
    ● Please refrain from using if you are sensitive to chlorine.
    ● This product is inspected using salt water pack liquid. Water droplets may have adhered to the inside of the tank at the time of purchase, but this is not a malfunction.

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