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1.8 Litre Jar Rice Cooker (Microcomputer) SR-MG182


Jar Rice Cooker (Microcomputer)

• 1.8 litre capacity
• Diamond fluorine & Binchotan Charcoal coated inner pan
• 8 Special Menu Functions (White rice, Brown Rice, Sticky Rice, Quick Cook, Cake Baking, Porridge, Slow Cook, Steam)
• 15 Min Quick Rice Cooking
• 24 hour clock and preset timer
• Easy-to-see Large LCD Panel



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Diamond Fluorine Coated Charcoal-Finished (Binchotan) Pan

Using a hundred million (0.05 carat) diamond minute particle in inner pan. Convection generates by a large number of bubbles. Enable heat transmission to every single grains mix rice with lots of bubbles heat rice equally. With Binchotan, it brakes up the cluster and soak water to the wick of rice. Water becomes mild and each rice absorb water well. This makes rice more delicious. And also, slow moisture evaporation, prevents rice to become dry during keep warm.

Larger bubbles generate lesser circulation of heat during cooking which results in unevenly cooked rice.

Finer and more vigorous bubbles are generated during the cooking process. It produces evenly cooked rice which is fluffier and more delicious.

Fuzzy Logic (Micro-computerized) Technology

Fuzzy logic controlled rice cooker can control the cooking temperature according to the amount of rice and water. With this perfect heat adjustment, you will get delicious rice all the time.

1. Low Heat to Heat Up
2. Continue Heating using High Heat
3. Using auto Mode to continue cooking (*Depending on the amount of water and rice)

Thermo Sensor

Detects temperature inside pan with electronic parts. Microcomputer controls the heat wattage for different menu.

Cake Baking Function
Microcomputer and double heater system make baking cakes easy.

The combination of the top and bottom heating elements produces superior baking results while the built-in microcomputer determines the optimum cooking time and temperature for perfect results.


1.8 Litre Jar Rice Cooker (Microcomputer) SR-MG182
Diamond Fluorine & Bichotan pan
Makes rice more delicious
Quick Cook Function
15 mins to cook
8 microcomputer programmed menus
include cake baking function

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