Other Features

The ergonomically designed Battery Grip DMW-BGGH3E gives the DMC-GH3GN longer battery life of more than 1,000 pictures when using 2 Batteries*. It offers a comfortable grip and easy handling even in vertical shooting. Three dedicated buttons for Exposure, ISO and WB are equipped in addition to the release button on the top, as well as the front / rear dials to be used just in the same way of using the camera the DMC-GH3GN. This is also splash / dustproof design.

* One in a Camera and another in a Battery Grip

• Battery Pack (DMW-BLF19) and Battery Grip (DMW-BGGH3E) are sold separately.
• Battery Grip (DMW-BGGH3E) can also be used as a grip for vertical shooting without mounting a Battery.


Splash / Dustproof Design
Extends Shooting Battery Life to 1,000 Pictures When Using 2 Batteries*
Dedicated Controls and Shutter Release