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Delicious. Easy. Homemade.

Quality you can taste.

Enjoy fresh bread without the hassle using the SD-R2530 Bread Maker. Delicious breads, cakes, pizza dough and more are easy to conjure up with your own extra ingredients, and with the best results every time. A range of programmes do the work for you.
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Tailored to your taste

With the SD-R2530 Bread Maker from Panasonic, you have a kitchen helper that is based on over 34 years of experience and excellence. Dual temperature sensors along with a full range of perfectly tuned features ensure you get the bread you crave ‒ with the best quality, every time.
Tailored to your taste

Dual sensors make the difference

The best bread quality is thanks to having just the right temperature. Which is why the SD-R2530 Bread Maker uses two built-in sensors to determine both internal and external temperatures to optimise each programme at every step. Whatever the climate conditions - enjoy the same delicious results every time.
Dual sensors make the difference

Artisan-style kneading technique

The SD-R2530 Bread Maker brings the bakery to your home kitchen. The secret lies in Panasonic’s innovative technology, which replicates the kneading techniques of an artisan baker. The unique kneading blade works with the specially placed ribs in the bread pan to deliver the best-tasting bread with the ideal texture.
Artisan-style kneading technique

Creativity with manual settings

Made for sweet or savoury breads and cakes, the manual settings help you be creative without the hassle of kneading or mixing by hand. Create different Artisan-like bread shapes or set the kneading and rising times needed for your own recipe creations. Then enjoy the delicious results.  
Creativity with manual settings

Easy baking with bread mixes

Simply use the bread mix of your choice, add water and et voila! With the SD-R2530 Bread Maker’s dedicated programmes, fresh bread is easy and hassle-free. The tasty results will wow you and your family.
Easy baking with bread mixes

Four gluten-free options

The SD-R2530 Bread Maker is ideal for people who suffer from gluten intolerance or simply want to eat less gluten. Programmes for gluten-free bread, cake, pizza dough and pasta allow you to leave out allergens without compromising taste. 
Four gluten-free options

Fully automatic ease

The more precise the breadmaking process, the more delicious the results. Which is why the SD-R2530 Bread Maker features a raisin/nut dispenser which automatically adds the ingredients for you at just the right time. Ensuring consistent and tasty bread every time.
Fully automatic ease

30 programmes for easy baking

With up to 30 automatic programmes for you to choose from, you can bake nearly every kind of bread*- whole wheat, sourdough, and brioche, or even cake, jam, and pizza dough. With manual settings the only limit is your foodie imagination.
*Rye menu not available on this model. Please check operating instructions for any specific requirements.
30 programmes for easy baking

The right bread at the right time

Wake up every morning to the aroma of freshly baked bread. Just add the ingredients in the evening and then set the timer for the morning ‒ up to 13 hours in advance. Medium, large, or extra-large up to approximately 1.1kg, with various shades of browning - fresh bread has never been better.
The right bread at the right time

Expertise & excellence since 1987

Get the high-quality results you want with every loaf of bread. Panasonic has been delivering consistent breadmaking perfection for over 34 years. With products that have been continuously enhanced and improved based on our extensive experience. 
Expertise & excellence since 1987

Recipes for the foodie in you

Be inspired by recipes specially created to provide the best results when you use your Bread Maker or other kitchen appliances from Panasonic.
Recipes for the foodie in you


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Automatic Bread Maker with Raisin/Nut Dispenser

30 Programmes for Whole Wheat, Brioche, Cake, Jam, Pizza Dough and More

Manual Settings for Kneading & Rising of Cake and Bread Dough

4 Gluten-free Programmes for Bread, Cake, Pasta and Pizza Dough

Bread Mix Programmes

Dual Temperature Sensors & 13-hr Digital Timer


  • Black

Power Supply

  • Oceania :230V - 240V 50 Hz

Power Consumption

  • 505 W - 550 W


  • Push Button

Display Panel

  • LCD (No backlight)

Inner Pan

  • Aluminium, Non Stick Fluorine Coating


  • Raisin / Nut

    • Yes
  • Yeast

    • -

Double Temperature Sensor

  • Yes

Timer Settings

  • Up to 13 hours

Crust Control

  • Light, Medium, Dark

    *Depend on menu

Loaf Size

  • XL, L, M

    *Depends on menu

Indicator Lights

  • Backlight colour: N/A

    Colour of numbers: Black

Auto Menu

  • # of menu

    • 30
  • Bread

    • Basic
      Basic Rapid
      Basic Raisin
      Basic Stuffed
      Bread Mix
      Bread Mix Raisin
      Whole Wheat
      Whole Wheat Rapid
      Whole Wheat Raisin
  • Gluten Free

    • Gluten Free Bread
      Gluten Free Cake
      Gluten Free Pizza
      Gluten Free Pasta
  • Dough

    • Basic
      Basic Raisin
      Whole Wheat
      Whole Wheat Raisin
      Sourdough Dough
      Sourdough Starter
  • Sweet

    • Cake
      Bake Only
  • Manual

    • Cake Kneading
      Bread Kneading

Safety Functions

  • Overheating Protection

    • Yes


  • 1 sourdough cup, 1 measuring spoon, 1 sourdough starter spoon

WxDxH (mm) Approx.

  • 408 x 252 x 362

Lid Open WxDxH (mm) Approx.

  • 408 x 298.4 x 553.9


  • Net (Kg)

    • 7.0
  • Shipping (kg) Approx.

    • 8.0

Carton box

  • Colour

    • Full colour
  • WxDxH (mm)

    • 446 x 308 x 402


  • O/I Languages

    • English



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