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Steam Combi Microwave Oven

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The new wave of cooking. Healthy. Tasty. Fast.

The DS59 4-in-1 Steam Combi Oven is your helper in the kitchen – letting you create healthy, tasty dishes for everyone. Using steam, oven (top/bottom heater), grill or microwave power, you can preserve nutrients and enjoy crispy results quickly and easily.
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Healthy. Tasty. Fast.

Healthy steamed fish and vegetables, crispy homemade pizza, delicious treats any time … cook with pleasure using the NN-DS59 Steam Combi Oven. Choose from steam, oven (top/bottom heater), grill or microwave power and have fun bringing out the foodie in you. This easy-to-use oven has all you need in one compact, modern design – made to fit into any kitchen.
Healthy. Tasty. Fast.

Healthy steam cooking

Revel in healthy cooking that preserves the natural flavour and nutrients of each ingredient. Thanks to the integrated water tank and boiler, the DS59 delivers a powerful 1100 watts of steam. It thoroughly fills the whole oven with steam so that you can quickly cook an entire meal such as fish and veggies in just 15 minutes.
Healthy steam cooking

Nutrient-rich Meals

Steaming is one of the best cooking methods for retaining nutrients and maximizing taste, especially in fish and vegetables. If you’re boiling for example broccoli, you could be losing more than 50% of the vegetable’s vitamin C, whereas with steaming you can retain 94% of this essential vitamin. The steam locks in the nutrients, moisture and flavours for overall healthy and delicious meals.
Nutrient-rich Meals

Unique Grill Tray

Crispy results with full flavour – this is easy to achieve with the supplied Panasonic-unique Grill Tray. Microwave power heats up the bottom of the tray while the grill function works from the top to grill chicken, chips and more. Or choose the steam function from the top for crunchy, nutrient-rich vegetables.
Unique Grill Tray

Air Fry Style Cooking Menus

Make your fried food healthier simply by cooking it with the DS59. Fat released during cooking runs down the grooves of the Grill Tray, removing the oil so that food is juicy on the inside and crispy all around.
Air Fry Style Cooking Menus

Easy cleaning

Cooking is more enjoyable when it requires less work. Which is why the DS59 features a whole range of easy-cleaning conveniences. Panasonic's new unique flat grill heater and the stainless steel interior that can be simply wiped down, along with special cleaning programmes using steam. The Grill Tray is even dishwasher-safe, ensuring less cleaning effort all-round.
Easy cleaning

Plenty of space

A freshly made meal for the whole family – this is possible with up to 27 litres of interior cooking space. The ability to use most cookware types and sizes not only saves you time, it also makes you more flexible for cooking a range of meals.
Plenty of space

Time-saving cooking

Cook using two or more heat sources at the same time thanks to Panasonic Inverter Technology – for tasty meals that are ready up to 40% faster¹. With the choice of up to 6 Combination Cooking programmes, you have the right cooking method for the best results at the touch of a button. ¹Panasonic product comparison with 600g of chicken pieces. The percentage may vary depending on the ingredients.
Time-saving cooking

Energy-saving cooking

Not only is your food evenly cooked and nutrients preserved, precise power control from Panasonic Inverter Technology saves 19%¹ in energy during operation, and even up to 50% in standby mode. The cavity of the DS59 is also smaller than a conventional oven, meaning less energy is needed for pre-heating.
Energy-saving cooking

Compact, modern design

Lots of space on the inside – without taking up lots of space in your kitchen. The DS59 blends into any kitchen interior with its sleek, compact design. The white lettering of the LCD panel serves as the perfect contrast to the black colour of the Steam Combination Oven, and the use of a modern dial ensures simple, intuitive control.
Compact, modern design

Inspirational cooking ideas

Discover inspiring recipes and helpful recipe videos to make your experience cooking with the NN-DS59 Steam Combi Oven more creative and enjoyable.
Inspirational cooking ideas

Simple Guides to Use Your Microwave Oven

Learn how to improve or simplify cooking. From reheating and cooking to keeping it clean, make cooking more enjoyable. 

Simple Guides to Use Your Microwave Oven

1 Powerful Steam

Using one of the two steam settings (high and low), pure steam is being directly injected into the cavity to efficiently cook your food while maintaining its nutrients.
Powerful Steam

2 Effortless automatic cooking

You’re spoilt for choice with the DS59, giving you up to 28 easy auto programmes. Choose from the Re-bake Bread programmes for re-baking croissants, buns and more to make them taste freshly baked again. The Junior Menu programmes that let you cook a variety of fresh, healthy meals children will love. Or the Auto Programme for steaming rice to perfection. To name just a few.
Effortless automatic cooking

3 Even reheating

Do you always know how long it takes to reheat your dishes? Now there is no need for guessing, as the Panasonic's Genius Sensor automatically calculates the optimal heating time. Just press the Auto Reheat button, sit back and relax. You’ll get the best reheating results, with no over or undercooking.
Even reheating

Get Inspired


Photo of Steam Combi Microwave Oven<br>NN-DS59NBQPQ

Size and Weight


Oven Capacity: 27L

  • the Genius Sensorthe Genius Sensor

Powerful Steam 1100W, High and Low Steam Settings, 600ml Water Tank

30-220°C Oven (top/bottom heater)

1350W Flat Grill and 1000 W Microwave Power

6 Combi Cooking Options & 28 Auto Cooking Programmes

Included accessories: Grill Tray


  • Oven Capacity

    • 27L
  • Inverter

    • Yes
  • Steam Power

    • 1100W
  • Microwave Power

    • 1000W
  • Grill Power

    • Flat 1350W (TOP)
  • Fan Assisted Convection Oven

    • -
  • Oven (Top/Bottom heater)

    • 30 - 220°C
  • Microwave Power Levels

    • 7 (1000W/ 800W/ 600W/ 440W/ 300W / 270W / 100W)
  • Steam Power Levels

    • 2 (1- MAX /2 - Low)
  • Grill Power Levels

    • 3 (1- High 1350W / 2 -Medium 1100W* 3 - Low 730W*) *power is approx.
  • Steam Water Tank Capacity

    • 600ml
  • Combi settings

    • 1. Grill 1 + MW300W
      Grill 1 + MW440W
      2. Grill 2 + MW300W
      Grill 2 + MW440W
      3. Steam 1 + MW300W
      4. Steam 1 + MW440W
      5. Steam 1 + Grill 1
      6. Steam+Oven(150℃-220℃)(w/ preheat)
      *need to clarify how to name each combination
  • Auto Programs

    • 28 (+ 4 cleaning programs, + one push reheat)
  • Turntable Size

    • Flat
  • Interior

    • SUS
  • Body

    • black PCM
  • Handle

    • Glossy Black-Plastic
  • Door Screen

    • Clear glass
  • LCD Display

    • White character / black light background
  • Control Panel

    • Dial + static touch
  • Interior Dimensions W x D x H

    • 336mm×357mm×226mm
  • Exterior Dimensions W x D x H

    • 514mm×456mm×347mm (handle included)


  • Turntable (Round Glass Tray)

    • -
  • Round Wire Rack

    • -
  • Round Enamel Tray

    • -
  • Square Enamel Shelf

    • -
  • Square Wire Shelf

    • -
  • Glass Shelf

    • -
  • Glass Tray

    • -
  • Square Glass Dish

    • -
  • Anti Spark Ring

    • -
  • Panacrunch Pan

    • Yes (Square)
  • Steaming Trivet

    • -
  • Wire Rack

    • -

Key Features

  • Steam Combi Cooking

    • Yes
  • Steam Shot

    • Yes
  • Auto Guide

    • Yes
  • Chaos/Turbo Defrost

    • Yes
  • Turbo Cook

    • -
  • Turbo Reheat

    • -
  • Sensor Cook

    • Yes (Genius sensor)
  • 2 Level Convection Cooking

    • -
  • 2 Level Steam Cooking

    • -
  • Demo Mode

    • Yes
  • Child Lock

    • Yes
  • Memory

    • -
  • Catalytic Cleaning

    • -
  • Enegy Saving Mode

    • -
  • Junior Menu

    • Yes
  • White LCD

    • Yes
  • Quick 30

    • -
  • Add Time

    • Yes


  • Net weight (kg)

    • 16KG
  • Gross weight (kg)

    • 21KG


  • Carton box dimensions (m³)

    • 0.1433
  • Width x Depth x Height (mm)

    • 570mm×565mm×445mm


  • Standby Mode

    • 0.9W

Power source

  • 230~240V/50Hz


  • Noise Level

    • 59dB



Photo of Steam Combi Microwave Oven<br>NN-DS59NBQPQ

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