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Panasonic 100th anniversary

Bringing Cinematic Experience to Your Home

Technologies found in Panasonic TVs bring out a TV experience like never before. The OLED and Hexa Chroma Drive technologies deliver stunning colours, perfect brightness and true blacks to enjoy movies the way filmmakers envisioned them to be. It’s like having your own cinema at home.


True Black Impression

True Black Impression

OLED TVs incorporate self-illuminating panel technology that controls the intensity of the light based on the amount of electric current flowing in it. This technology together with Panasonic’s Absolute Black Filter results to smooth gradation even in dark scenes of a movie.

Wide Range and Vivid Colours

Hexa Chroma Drive Pro adjusts and corrects individual characteristic variations of colours that result to an accurate master-monitor quality colour reproduction. This stunning quality invites you an ultimate viewing experience. Every pixel in the OLED panel produces rich and natural colours from a wide colour gamut.

Brilliant Brightness

Panasonic’s OLED TV delivers brilliant brightness of up to approximately 1000 nits for a premium HDR experience with outstanding highlight.

Adds Beauty to Your Space

Adds Beauty to Your Space

Elegantly designed to complement even the most stylish of interiors, Panasonic TVs use exceptional materials and expertly mastered technologies to bring out true cinematic experience at home with their slim design and superb sound quality.

The latest Panasonic TV comes with Dynamic Blade Speakers which combine 14 speaker units and Quad Passive Radiator to produce a full 80 watts of output despite its slim profile.

Adds Beauty to Your Space

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