Photo of VL-FKD2AZ
Model number and name VL-FKD2FX (For VL-SWD501)
DECT Repeater
Power source AC adaptor (PQLV219CE/PQLV219E)
Input: 220-240 V AC, 0.1 A, 50/60 Hz Output: 6.5 V DC,0.5 A
Power consumption During standby: Apporx. 1.5 W
During operation: Approx. 2.3 W (when transmitting)
Dimensions(H × W × D) 82 × 111 × 39 mm
Weight 88 g (excluding the adaptor)
Operating environment Ambient temperature: Approx. 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Relative humidity (non-condensing): up to 90 %
Frequency 1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHz
Installation method
Transmitting range Approx. 100 m (line-of-sight distance from the main monitor)
Minimum illuminance required
Image sensor
Lighting method
Angular field of view (camera angle)
Sensor detection range
Sensor detection method
IP rating
Adjustable mounting angles
Heat sensor adjustable angles
External material PS resin