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Transparent OLED: TP-ZT110/ TP-ZT100

Transparent OLED: TP-55ZT110/ TP-55ZT100

Innovative Solution of Digital Display

Transparent OLED is a new type of digital display. Viewers can see through the back side of the display.
The combination of products, exhibits and images enables effective and attractive promotion.

Innovative Solution of Digital Display

with Dimming Unit

TP-55ZT110 with Dimming Unit

*Installation accessories are not supplied by Panasonic.

without Dimming Unit

TP-55ZT100 with Dimming Unit

Why Transparent OLED?

High transparency

The organic light emitting diodes arranged to configure each pixel on the transparent OLED display panel emit light on their own, so the display panel renders vivid, high-quality images without using a backlight. Furthermore, its wide viewing angle enables clear viewing of the displayed image even from an oblique angle.

High transparency

*Calculated using the ratio of brightness that penetrates the module when Panasonic’s standard white screen light source is used as incident light.
*The TP-55ZT110 Transparency: 28%

Achieves compact installation with a thin structure

*This image shows the TP-55ZT100 without Dimming Unit.
*The TP-55ZT110 Display Thickness: 7.6mm (with dimming unit)

Achieves compact installation with a thin structure

In addition, OLED is a self-luminous display that does not require a backlight, so it can be utilised for compact installations.

Display Thickness
55ZT100: 3.8 mm (without dimming unit)

Why Panasonic’s Transparent OLED?

Panasonic Original Panel Technology with the Dimming Unit for the 55ZT110 –
Clear images even in bright environments

Why Panasonic’s Transparent OLED?

Panasonic's unique panel, which combines a Dimming Unit that opens and closes according to voltage like a liquid crystal panel, realizes clear images even in bright installation locations. You can choose between transparency or dynamic contrast by turning dimming on and off.

Black Mode
Dynamic Contrast

Black Mode

Transparent Mode
More Transparent

Transparent Mode

Panasonic Original Lamination Technology with the Dimming Unit for the 55ZT110 -
Rich colors even with high transparency

Rich colors even with high transparency

Unique Panasonic technology allows industry leading transparency by eliminating the air layer between the glass layers of the panel. This results in the elimination of significant light reflection which delivers rich colours whilst maintaining transparency.

Conventional Transparent OLED
With Air Layer

Conventional Transparent OLED

When air layers exist, light reflects between the layers to cause glare.

Panasonic Transparent OLED
No Air Layer

Panasonic Transparent OLED

Air layers are eliminated to produce clear images without glare.

Multi Screen Installation –
Dynamic images of 4K large screen

Dynamic images of 4K large screen
Dynamic images of 4K large screen

It is also possible to combine multiple screens and install on a larger screen. Since it can be installed on up to 4 screens, 4K images can be displayed on a powerful large screen of 110 inches with a sense of realism.
In addition, the displays are bezel-less which results in seamless multi screen installations creating one entire image.

*The display resolution of each panel is Full HD(1920 x 1080 pixels).
*Installation accessories are not supplied by Panasonic.

Usage Scenes

Retail Signage

Retail Signage

Thanks to its high transparency, Panasonic transparent OLED display will help you create a spacious & sophisticated retail experience for your customers.

Retail Signage

Panasonic Transparent OLED display delivers information through a screen while showing objects right behind the display. Viewers can easily see both the object and the relevant information at the same time.

Restaurant Signage

Restaurant Signage

Panasonic transparent OLED display can be used as a partition at restaurants and cafes, or simply use as digital signage.

Restaurant Signage

Transparent OLED panels can be used to offer restaurant patrons the ultimate dining experience. Installation allows customers to enjoy a tailored indoor visual display whilst simultaneously viewing the scenery outside.

Museum Signage

Museum Signage

The transparent OLED allows for artwork to be displayed securely behind glass whilst also supplying key details like name of work, artist, explanations and more without disturbing the presentation inside the case.

Hotel Signage

Hotel Signage

Transparent OLED display shows floor information, restaurant information, and other information for guests in the reception, lobby or hotel entrance without compromising the interior. It greatly enhances the guest experience along with modernising the space.

• All images used are for illustrative purposes only.
*Installation accessories are not supplied by Panasonic.


Model No.



Panel Unit

Screen Size / Aspect Ratio

55-inch / 16:9

Number of Pixels (Horizontal x Vertical)

1920 x 1080 pixels

Panel Type

Transparent OLED panel

Dimming Unit



Brightness (Typ.)

400/150 cd/m2 (Average Picture Level 25%/100%, without Glass)




Viewing Angle

178 X 178 (H x V)


1ms (G to G)

Surface Treatment (Haze)

Hard Coating (2H), Anti-reflection Treatment of the Front Polarizer (Reflectance Typ. 14%)

Operation Hours

18 Hrs / days *Moving Video Only



On Screen Display Menu Languages

English / German / Italian / Spanish / French /
Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese

 (Panel Unit)

Effective Display Area (W x H)

1209.6 x 680.4 mm

Panel Outer Dimensions (W x H x D)

Approx. 1235 x 748.9 x 7.6 mm

Approx. 1225 x 744.4 x 3.8 mm


Approx. 14.0kg

Approx. 8.0 kg

Packaging Dimensions (W x H x D), Weight

1365 x 925 x 133 mm,
Approx. 21 kg

1365 x 925 x 133 mm,
Approx. 15 kg

(Power Supply Unit)

External Dimensions

210 × 60 × 305 mm


Approx. 1.75 kg

Packaging Dimensions (W x H x D), Weight

648 x 373 x 170 mm, approx. 6 kg

Key Feature

Rotation / CEC function

Operating Power Supply

AC 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz


HDMI Terminal

1 (Compatible with CEC Ver. 1.4b)

Audio Output

f3.5-mm Stereo mini jack

USB Terminal

Software Update by USB

Power Consumption / Standby Power Consumption

292 W / approx. 0.5 W (standby mode)

Power Cable Length

Approx. 1.8 m

Operating Range

Ambient temperature: 0°C to 40°C,
Relative humidity: 20% to 80% (no condensation)

Included Items

Panel Unit

T-Con board (1), T-Con cover (1),
D-Con board <=> Signal board cable (1),
D-Con board(1), FFC (4),
Instruction Manual (1)

T-Con board (1), T-Con cover (1),
FFC (4), Instruction Manual (1)

Power Supply Unit

Signal board (1), IR/LED board (1), FFC (1), DC cable (1), Power cord (5),
T-Con board <=> Signal board connection cable (1),
IR/LED board Û Signal board cable (1), cable band (1), Screw (1),
Instruction Manual (1), Remote control(1)

*Caluculated using the ratio of brightness that penetrates the mudule when Panasonic standard white screen light source is used as incident light.

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