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Boost your gameplay with gaming speakers and TVs from Panasonic

Two avatars from the video game "Final Fantasy" are walking purposefully while high flames are rising behind them.

Level up your gaming experience

Now’s the time to discover what immersive truly means for your winning plays.

A mysterious noise, the sound of footsteps, the commands from your teammates … instantly feel them in the world of the game with the new addition of the SoundSlayer SC-GN01 Wearable Speaker System and our high-end Panasonic TVs with 4K/120 gaming. Designed by gamers for gamers, the audio delivers a sound that enwraps you in the action, while the TV, such as the JX900 or JZ1000, makes sure you have max picture quality at all time – for making that winning play..

*SC-HTB01 Soundbar unavailable in NZ

Gaming Speakers :
From fine nuances to bombastic booms

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A young man wears the new SC-GN01 portable gaming spaker around his neck

SC-GN01 : Be one with the audio thrill

Experience a true-to-life 3D surround sound from four speakers immersing you in the game. The SC-GN01 Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System (WIGSS) will take you there. The FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online sound team from SQUARE ENIX® and Panasonic teamed up once again to develop this never-seen-before speaker–headset combo – to deliver a totally new gaming experience with a 4-channel real surround sound speaker.

Product picture of the wearable gaming Speaker SC-GN01

Truly realistic sound

Realistic is the name of the game. Which is why the SC-GN01 creates a more realistic surround sound around your ears. Made possible by True MAGESS (Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment Sound System) with 4-channel full-range speakers and a high-performance signal processor. It is also compatible 5.1ch sound, reproducing a more natural soundscape.

Another Product image of the gaming Speaker SC-GN01

Unique wearable design

The wearable design of the SC-GN01 supports the high-fidelity sound field that places footsteps, gunfire and other critical sound effects accurately within the soundscape. And it allows you to enjoy gameplay for hours and hours in full comfort. The structure is based on the results of human body data analysis that pursues comfort even during extended gameplay.

Side view of SC-GN01 speaker for detailed view of mute and sound buttons

Dedicated gaming modes

Make your gaming experience all your own – filled with intensity, thrill and reality. Three gaming modes – Role-playing, First-person Shooter and Voice – enwrap you in the virtual world and provide accurate audio placement. The echo-cancelling dual microphone allows you to talk with teammates without being disturbed by the powerful surround sound.

TVs for Gaming :
No missing on the audio-visual action

A man plays a video game with a car race on a Panasonic television

Incredible TV picture quality

The powerful audio takes on a whole new meaning when you have an amazing picture. Like with the JX900 & JX950 LED TVs or JZ980, JZ1000 & JZ2000 OLED TVs. You are immediately transported into the game world – with a stunning picture that delivers an immersive experience while you game. These TVs are the ideal kit for gaming with the latest next-generation consoles – delivering incredible detail thanks to HCX Pro AI Processor technology, Game Mode Extreme and more.  If you are after a smaller screen size, check out the 49JX900 LED or the 48JZ1000 OLED.

Young man playing a video game on the Panasonic JZ1000 tv

Speedy motion

With Game Mode Extreme, our JX900 & JX950 LED TVs or JZ980, JZ1000 & JZ2000 OLED TVs are ready for all the action you throw at it. Support for HDMI 2.1 with 4K/120 High Frame Rates (HFR), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and AMD FreeSync Premium, along with low input lag, means you have the completely new level of realism you need for your cutting-edge gaming devices.

An astronaut floats in space above the earth

Smooth action

Smoother is better – and the Panasonic JX900 & JX950 LED TVs or JZ980, JZ1000 & JZ2000 OLED TVs can deliver thanks to AMD FreeSync Premium certification. They’re made to get the most out of your gaming experience from the latest and most exciting gaming devices. Delve into a game world that is as realistic as real life with a sweet 4K picture on a large screen.

Graphic from a radiant HCX Pro AI Processor

Stunning visuals

A great game is even better when you add a great picture. Which is a given with our most powerful processor to date: the HCX Pro AI Processor. It brings together colour, contrast and clarity to deliver an enthralling, vibrant game scene-by-scene. Dark tones, bright colours, astounding accuracy … you feel like you’re right in the stadium, in the war zone, in any virtual world.

Product image of the JZ1000 OLED TV in front of a colored background. On the screen you can see an ego shooter video game.

JZ980, JZ1000 & JZ2000 OLED TV Series

Turn any game into an extraordinary high-adrenaline experience. The difference is in the details provided by the JZ980, JZ1000 & JZ2000 OLED TV Series featuring outstanding 4K picture quality. It delivers truly accurate colours, deep blacks and incredible detail that can make you a winner. All from a large 65, 55 or 48-inch screen.

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Product image of the JX950 LED TV in front of a colored background. On the screen you can see a car racing video game.

JX900 & JX950 LED TV Series

Fast-action games call for exceptional performance – from both you and your equipment. Which is why the JX900 & JX950 LED TV Series with high 4K picture quality is designed for immersing you in the virtual world. These TVs in 49 – 65-inch screen sizes feature 200hz Smooth Motion, super-bright HDR Cinema Display Pro panels and wide viewing angle.

Find here more information about the TVs with 4K/120 gaming.

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