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What makes a true cinema experience?

What makes a true cinema experience?

What makes a true cinema experience

Delivering on the Hollywood dream

We know the creative people involved in movie-making—the directors, studio personnel, and colourists—are passionate about their art. They have specific ideas about the colours and imagery they want viewers to see. Our mission is to deliver cinema quality content to move and inspire you, just as the creators intended. With 2020 upon us, we’re taking the concept of cinema picture quality, developed in collaboration with entertainment professionals, and raising it to the next level.

Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode will make it happen.

This exciting technology, made possible by a closer partnership between Hollywood and Panasonic, will allow viewers to enjoy true cinema picture quality anytime, anywhere.


Delivering on the Hollywood dream

Hollywood’s technology innovators present Dolby Vision IQ

Leverage the full intelligence of your TV with Dolby Vision IQ to deliver a perfect picture in your room at every moment. Dolby Vision IQ uses Dolby Vision metadata to intelligently display every detail, even as conditions of the room change. This technology dynamically adjusts to the changing lighting in the room and the different types of content being played back, while maximizing the full capabilities of the device. With the ultra vivid picture quality of Dolby Vision, and the intelligence of Dolby Vision IQ, you’ll see incredible brightness, contrast, and colour, perfectly optimised for every moment, bringing entertainment to life before your eyes.

Hollywood’s technology innovators present Dolby Vision IQ

Filmmaker Mode:
Here’s what Hollywood’s top directors said they wanted

First, to bring cinema picture quality to the home environment.
Next, to preserve the frame rate, colours, and aspect ratio.
The result is Filmmaker Mode.

Minimal processing for movies as they were meant to be

We’ve all noticed a huge difference between watching movies at home and at the cinema. Developed by the UHD Alliance in consultation with more than 400 filmmakers, Filmmaker Mode aims to mirror the cinematic experience by preserving the frame rate, aspect ratio, and colours of the original content, without any unnecessary processing. This is the feature the movie industry – and you — have been waiting for.

Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing: Crisp, clear pictures, day or night, regardless of lighting.

Ordinarily, movies are created to be watched in the dark. But now there’s an alternative. We’ve made it possible to preserve the crisp, clear colours you enjoy at the cinema, even in a well lit room. Exclusively on Panasonic TVs, Filmmaker Mode will have a bonus feature called Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing. Pushing the Filmmaker Mode button on the remote control ensures not only cinema picture quality, but also dynamically adjusts the picture according to the room brightness, so you can see every detail you are meant to.

Experience cinema picture quality in your home

The new HZ2000 Series rises to the challenge, set by its award-winning predecessors, to be our most complete television. The Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel delivers a picture to meet the demands of Hollywood studios.
The Technics tuned 360゚Soundscape PRO integrated audio system supplies sound to match the vision.

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